Why was Emmanuel Macron’s account temporarily banned?


“What did you do Manu? Emmanuel Macron’s TikTok account, which has nearly four million subscribers, was suspended from the social network for more than three hours this Friday evening. On the page of the Head of State, all his videos have thus disappeared. “Banished account – The emmanuelmacron account is no longer available”, could we read when trying to access the profile of the President of the Republic.

This “censorship” has caused many Internet users to react and have not hesitated to publish messages and videos on this subject. “What did you do Manu to get TikTok banned? “Or” Wesh we talk about it that the president was banned? asked some users.

“No explanation” from TikTok

Contacted this Friday evening by The Parisian, TikTok confirms that “Emmanuel Macron’s account was inaccessible” without being able to give an explanation. The account of the President of the Republic was finally restored around 10:45 p.m.

TikTok’s rules state that “accounts that consistently violate community guidelines will be banned.” It is therefore not uncommon for the social network to temporarily suspend certain accounts when “unauthorized” content is published. This is however not the case of the President of the Republic, who uses his account exclusively to post content relaying his political communication.


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