‘We’ve got to find Wendy before it’s too late’


Police are continuing to search for missing mother Wendy Sleeman, who mysteriously disappeared after a large amount of blood was found at her Gold Coast home, with police suspecting the person responsible had planned the incident.

Sleeman has been missing since Tuesday afternoon, which was when she reported a burglary at her Elanora home.

Missing mother Wendy Sleeman.

Missing mother Wendy Sleeman.

She had made a call to police over the robbery, but within half an hour she was missing, police said.

When they arrived at her home, officers found blood, and a fire on her doormat. Police said the scene indicated there had been some kind of violence.

Police have since arrested and charged her son, who goes by the name Slade Murdok, with several offences, including kidnapping, unlawful stalking, contravening a domestic violence order, burglary, assault occasioning bodily harm and attempted arson.


Detective Superintendent Brendan Smith said Sleeman was “quite distressed and upset” on the call to police regarding the burglary, but there was no suggestion there was an imminent threat to her, or anyone on the property.

When asked whether the outcome may have been different if police had responded earlier than the half-an-hour timeframe, Smith said he thought officers responded in a reasonable time.

“After she left the police station in relation to making a statement for the breach of domestic violence order, other police had contacted her to offer support, just went through a few things about the person of interest,” he said.

“It was during that phone call that she arrived home and she said to that police officer that someone had broken into her house and triple-0 was called.”

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