Were screening tests really patented in 2015?


“In 2015 Rothschild filed a patent for a COVID-19 test in the Netherlands,” say people on social media. “Why is this possible before the epidemic? “, they ask themselves. Information that reinforces the theory of some that this epidemic was wanted and predictable by the “elite”.

Their publications are accompanied by various photos and videos indicating the patent number “US-2020279585-A1”. The identified inventor is Rothschild Richard A, and the date is October 13, 2015. Indeed strange since the Covid-19 only arrived in 2019 in Asia.

“It is not debatable, since the information comes from official patent registers in the Netherlands and the United States. And we have all the documentation, ”they say. 20 minutes takes stock of this information that has been circulating since the start of the epidemic on social networks.


Several Internet users cite PubChem, an American database of chemical molecules, on which they have been able to see all the information on this patent filed in 2015. Indeed, everything is visible there. The request for Richard A. Rothschild’s first invention dates back to October 13, 2015. The Espacenet site, a free service to search for patent documents from around the world, also confirms this.

The patent filed by Richard A. Rothschild is an American patent. Unlike European patents, inventors can apply for a “Continuation in Part” patent – continuation filing. The latter allows an inventor to add new claims to a previous application. This is what is confusing and suggests to Internet users that the part concerning the Covid-19 already existed in 2015.

Thus, it is already written on PubChem: “The priority date for patent application US-2020279585-A1 provided by Google is based on a series of separate but related patent applications dating from 2015. Of these different applications, only US -2020279585-A1 mentions COVID-19, and it was filed on May 17, 2020.”

In fact, the original patent only describes techniques for analyzing biometric data and does not mention the new coronavirus. This is an update of the previous invention making it possible to use these biometric analysis techniques to determine whether a person is infected with the virus or not.

This may not be the first time you’ve heard of this surname, and indeed on similar Covid-19 topics. The Jewish family of the Rothschilds was the greatest fortune of the former Habsburg Empire (1526 – 1804) and counted among the greatest fortunes of Europe, thanks to its banking and industrial activities.

She is regularly the target of anti-Semitic rumors and conspiracy theories on the Internet. This family name is currently associated with two players in the financial sector: the investment bank Rothschild and Co and the private bank Edmond de Rothschild.


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