“We have to go,” says Martine Aubry, about the offensive weapons to be provided


An unequivocal position. During her traditional meeting with the press, the mayor (PS) of Lille, Martine Aubry, spoke on Thursday of her full support for the delivery of “offensive weapons” to Ukraine to fight against the invasion. Russian. It has been nearly a year since the conflict began.

For a few days, certain European countries have already announced their wish to send tanks to Ukraine. If France remains, for the moment, reserved on the subject, Martine Aubry has therefore expressed her position. “We must not hesitate to give offensive weapons to Ukraine, when we see Russia’s multiple war crimes,” she assures in a martial voice.

“It is the security of Europe that is in question”

And to add that she provides video meetings, “sometimes twice a week”, with the mayor of Kharkiv, a city twinned with Lille. “When we see the images he sends us, we have to go now, insists Martine Aubry. It is the security of Europe which is at stake in the face of Putin. I am happy that the Germans, after being dragged a little, have accepted these shipments. I hope France will follow. »


The city of Lille had been one of the first to welcome refugees, from February 25, 2022, the day after the Russian attack and the bombardment of Kharkiv. In one year, 960 Ukrainians have been housed with Lille families. “Today, there are about 650 left,” she says. A certain number have found work, all the children are in school. They learn French, especially to ask us to take them to football. »

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