[WATCH] George Santos Volleyball Lie Dragged On ‘SNL’


There have been a ton of jokes about George Santos, and rightfully so: After all, he’s given comedians so much material to work with. For their first episode of 2023, SNL led with a sketch partially about the truth-impaired new GOP lawmaker. When it came time for the latest installment of Weekend Update, you better believe they led with him, too.

Co-host Colin Jost started with one of Santos’ more bizarre lies: that he was a volleyball champ at Baruch College, which he never attended. For Jost, it wasn’t so much that he lied so much as the thing he lied about.

“Now that is a fine thing to be but an insane thing to pretend to be,” Jost joked. “Like, that’s his fantasy? It’s like asking a kid what do they want to be when they grow up and they’re like ‘I don’t know, assistant manager at Kohl’s.’”

Jost then turned to his sartorial choices, which consist of a lot of sweaters under suit jackets over top dress shirts.

“This guy is well dressed?” an exasperated Jost exclaimed. “He looks like he’s trying to steal clothes by putting them on over what he wore into the store.”

Co-host Michael Che got in the Santos fun, too, choosing to dwell on one of the more recent allegations about him.


“A drag queen who claims she performed with George Santos said the George did not have the glamour to be a professional,” Che said about claims Santos has sort of denied. “But she said another drag queen in Congress is absolutely slaying as the character Marjorie Taylor Greene,” he joked, alongside an image of one of the House’s kookiest characters.

You can watch Weekend Update — which also featured a nice little Parks and Recreation reunion — in the videos above and below.

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