Video of attack on Nancy Pelosi’s husband revealed by police


The scene has something surreal. Footage from a police officer’s personal camera shows Paul Pelosi’s haggard gaze as his attacker David DePape apparently opened the door to officers, who ask the two men what’s going on in this house in San Francisco on October 28. Police officer Kyle Cagney and his partner had arrived at the Pelosi residence for a “security check” around 2:20 a.m.

At this moment, David DePape frees himself and violently strikes with a hammer the husband of Nancy Pelosi, the former Democratic “speaker” of the House of Representatives, very quickly with all his strength, while the police rush on him.

The incident happened in seconds and left Paul Pelosi unconscious in a pool of his own blood, suffering a fractured skull. In the crucial seconds after the door opens, Cagney’s partner can be heard commanding to “drop the hammer”, to which DePape replies “Um, no. “Whoaaa, ​​can we hear then one of the officers shouts ‘Oh, m****! as DePape regains control of the tool and punches his victim.

The first extremely violent blow is carried out out of sight of the camera. A blow enough to injure Nancy Pelosi’s husband. The police only manage to put him down at the cost of a real veneer with all their strength. The most surprising thing is that in the end only 14 seconds elapse between the opening of the door and the frantic charge of the police on the perpetrator of the attack, as if he wanted the scene to be filmed.

Attacker faces 50 years in prison

Paul Pelosi, 82, had successfully undergone surgery to treat a fractured skull and serious injuries to his right arm and hands in the process. The attacker was actually looking for Nancy Pelosi – who was in Washington that day – and “threatened to death” her husband. He planned to “break the kneecaps” of the parliamentarian if she did not confess the “lies” of the Democratic camp, according to a federal court document.

In November, DePape pleaded not guilty to attempted homicide, first-degree burglary and other charges. The body camera footage first aired during DePape’s preliminary hearing on Dec. 14. – but prosecutors refused to make the evidence public at the time.

On Wednesday, a San Francisco County judge ruled that the district attorney’s office should release body camera footage as well as 911 calls recorded the night of the burglary. DePape has also been indicted on federal charges and faces up to 50 years behind bars if convicted.


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