United States. One of the world’s leading ransomware attack networks has been taken down


After targeting 1,500 entities in 80 countries, “Hive” ransomware was taken down by US and German authorities.

“Last night, the Department of Justice dismantled an international network of Ransomware who extorted or attempted to extort millions of dollars from his victims,” Minister Merrick Garland said at a press conference in Washington. The group’s servers were seized and the federal police took control of its site on the “dark web”, the part of the internet not referenced by conventional browsers, he said.

The operation was carried out in coordination with the German and Dutch police forces, as well as Europol, added the director of the American federal police (FBI) Christopher Wray.


“Hacking the hackers”

First detected in June 2021, the criminal group Hive is accused of collecting more than $100 million in ransom. After infiltrating a computer system, hackers Ransomware encrypt corporate data and require payment to unlock it.

According to firms specializing in cybersecurity, the Ransomware de Hive, or “ransomware” in English, has been deployed against American hospitals, the German chain of electronics stores Telemarkt and the Indian giant Tata.

“We hacked the hackers,” said the number 2 of the US Department of Justice, Lisa Monaco. “For months, we helped victims fight back against their abusers and deprived the network of its criminal profits,” she said.

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