Tupac, Will Smith Might”ve Been Friends, Said Jada Pinkett


Jada Pinkett Smith hasn’t been holding back while promoting her new memoir. The actress recently sat down for an interview with Jay Shetty for his podcast On Purpose, during which she had some thoughts about the possibility of Tupac and Will Smith’s becoming pals.

“If ‘Pac had survived Vegas, he and Will would’ve ended up being really good friends,” Pinkett Smith said. “They would’ve had a lot to offer each other. Funny enough, Will was the only person when I started dating him, ‘Pac never said anything.”

“If I dated anybody else, ‘Pac had something to say,” she added. “He didn’t think anybody was good enough, which I understand. But when I started dating Will, he didn’t say anything. Which meant to me, in his own way, he approved. He didn’t say anything. Not a word, which made me believe he approved.”

Despite this, during another recent stop where Pinkett Smith talked to Fat Joe (via HipHopDX), she made it clear that she and Tupac were never a legit couple. “People make too many assumptions because I be trying to keep stuff close to the chest,” she noted. “We were never together. And people when they read the book, they’ll see how deep our friendship was.”


Check out Jada Pinkett Smith’s interview clip of the moment below.

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