Troye Sivan Confused Reba McEntire With A Poppers Revelation


Troye Sivan is not one to hold back. In his videos for “Rush” and “Got Me Started,” the Australian pop star is seen dancing around scantily clad men with little-to-no clothing, and the cover art to his upcoming album Something To Give Each Other features him wrapped up in a man’s legs. The overall aesthetic in this particular era features Sivan expressing his sexuality in an artistic fashion.

Ahead of the arrival of Something To Give Each Other, Sivan appeared on Watch What Happens Live where he broke down how some of his latest artwork came together. During the show, a couple of fans videoed in, asking questions that have been on fans minds for months.

“Is it true you did poppers during the photoshoot for the ‘Rush’ single cover to make it as authentic as possible?” asked one fan.

Sivan confirmed that he did, indeed, do poppers during this shoot

“That is actually true, yeah,” said Sivan. “I just wanted it to feel very intimate, very real, and it ended up being my favorite part of the photo. You can really see the visible vein in my head.”

Pulling questions from fans on Twitter, host Andy Cohen then asked country legend Reba McEntire, who was also on the episode, if she had ever done poppers.


Confused, Reba responded, “I don’t think so. What is a popper?”

Reba’s question was met with laughter from the audience. Though she didn’t get a response right away, Sivan promised he’d explain what poppers are after the show.

You can see a clip from the episode above.

Something To Give Each Other is out 10/13 via EMI and Universal Music Australia. Find more information here.

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