Timotheé Chalamet Wants His Own AppleTV Show In A New Ad


Timotheé Chalamet might seem like he is busy all the time due to the fact that he is always walking around without a shirt, but he just seems to thrive that way. Yes, he wrapped up Dune Part 2 and has been promoting Bones and All, but there is something he doesn’t have but he really wants (besides a shirt) and that’s a hit AppleTV show, it seems. Chalamet stars in a new ad for the streamer in which he learns all about the different types of content that are available to AppleTV users and suddenly get jealous that he doesn’t have that on his resume.

Despite the fact that Chalamet thinks that society as we know it is over, the boy still wants to get some honest work, which must be why he is starring in a commercial about getting work. So he technically was already hired by Apple… right? Just don’t think about it too much.

While scrolling through the app, Chalamet proclaims, “Severance is weird… I can do weird,” he says, seemingly forgetting that his movie Wonka is already in the works. Then he sees an ad for Blackbird and decides, “I guess I could do prison,” seemingly forgetting he was already in an episode of Law & Order. Maybe he should venture into animation?

The actor also gets to reunite over FaceTime with his buddy and Dune co-star Jason Momoa, who says “at this point, who doesn’t [have an Apple show]?” This man has two AppleTV shows, in case you weren’t aware.


The main takeaway here is that we have seen this before when Jon Hamm pulled the same stunt last year, and was subsequently cast in The Morning Show. So look forward to that casting announcement about Chalamet joining Ted Lasso at any moment now.

(Via Variety)

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