Thirty years in prison for trying to burn his companion alive, helped by his mistress


After seven hours of deliberation, the verdict is in. A man was sentenced this Friday to 30 years in prison for having attempted to murder his companion by burning her alive in April 2019 at their home in La Flèche (Sarthe), with the help of his mistress who is 28 years old. of confinement. The Sarthe Assize Court convicted the victim’s ex-companion, Stéphane Schubhan, 49, of attempted murder.

Perpetuity had been claimed Thursday by the general counsel Elisandre Lebailly, who considered that “only a significant prison sentence will be able to respond to the cruelty of the acts” of Stéphane Schubhan. His mistress Fabienne Gautier, 45, was convicted of complicity in murder, the public prosecutor had requested 30 years against her. This mother wanted to “apologize” by reading a few words on a paper at the very end of the trial.

Get rid of the companion

Presented at the trial as two diabolical lovers, they had sought to “get rid” of Stéphane Schubhan’s companion, who had become troublesome. They had called on two trusted “little hands” to set fire to the victim while he was sleeping: Fabienne Gautier’s son, Louis Lebreton, and his daughter’s friend, Florian Nallet.

Convicted of attempted murder and sentenced to 20 years in prison, Louis Lebreton, 29, had served as a scooter driver. Florian Nallet was sentenced to 25 years for bringing the gasoline and a torch that had been used to burn the victim on the night of April 27 to 28, 2019. Stéphane Schubhan had left the door open to allow him to enter. He was lying next to the mother of his children, whose life he had shared for more than 20 years.


The children, aged 8 and 15, had been rescued

Severely burned and placed in a coma, the victim, Aurélie Mignot, who still bears significant sequelae, was present at the trial. Two of her children, aged 8 and 15, were narrowly saved from the fire, which completely destroyed the house. Stéphane Schubhan had been slightly injured in the arm.

Before the court, between denials and mutual rejection of responsibilities, the debates did not make it possible to specify the role of each. Victim of a clinical trial at the Biotrial laboratory, Stéphane Schubhan had been recognized as a disabled worker and expected compensation of 25,000 euros. He was suspected of having ordered this arson so as not to have to share this compensation.

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