“There will be decisions to be made”… After the draw against Reims, Christophe Galtier wants to see PSG “shake up”


For the third time in 2023 in Ligue 1, PSG has dropped points and the situation is becoming worrying for Christophe Galtier. After his men’s draw against Reims this Sunday evening (1-1), the Parisian coach said he was disappointed with the behavior of his players and is waiting for a reaction from them to try to raise the bar.

What went wrong on Sunday night in your team?

CHRISTOPHER GALTIER. We weren’t level in the first half. We were taken by a good team from Reims which is on a good dynamic. We hadn’t offered anything interesting, few movements, it took time to get the ball out. We had to find more verticality to break the Reims laundry. We lacked rhythm, we experienced technical waste and the team split in two. This made the match difficult. In the second period, I modified the animation in the middle to find more density and to have more verticality. I had decided to bring Neymar closer to our two attackers. It seemed like it was better, unfortunately we didn’t stay long at 11 against 11. We had situations with 10 that could have taken us to safety, but we couldn’t. And then in the 96th minute, incredibly, we have no control, we have the ball at our feet and we take a ball in the depth when we should have had more control given the experience.

Your team only took 4 points in 2023. Are you worried about this situation?

We are disappointed with our performance. We are no longer going to take refuge behind the calendar and the post-World Cup period. We’ve been together for a few weeks and the performances are not at the level of the first part of the season. We must continue to work and find solutions collectively and individually. It’s not enough when you’re PSG.

What is your precise diagnosis of what is happening?


I don’t think there is any form of crisis of confidence. Perhaps a crisis of complacency. All the requirement that we had has gone out of order. It is difficult to restart on this requirement, on the fact of playing as a team with or without the ball. There were some interesting things, but currently we do not find that. I have high level players who cannot accept being at this level since the beginning of the year.

Is your speech heard by the players?

When you are a coach you cannot be satisfied with what is happening. There will be decisions to be made. I talk to my players every day. This week, they had worked well but it was not seen on the ground. We cannot be satisfied with the points taken. We need to re-create competition. We fell into a comfort zone. You will have to shake off.

Is there a PSG with and without Marco Verratti?

Everyone knows the importance of Marco in the team, he has proven it for more than ten years. He has this ability to quickly get the ball out so we miss him. But I can’t take refuge behind his absence. He can’t play 70 games in a season, we have to find other solutions to perform better when he’s not there.

Does the transfer window take on another dimension after this new poor performance? And will Milan Skriniar join PSG before January 31?

Skriniar is an Inter player and I don’t have to comment on his future. There are 48 hours left. You read, you write, you know that the club is working on the arrival of at least one player. But there are constraints with financial fair play. A coach likes to have reinforcement when there is a departure. I don’t know if it will happen. But it is a quality group. Everyone needs to get back to their level very quickly.

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