the Swiss Martin Panchaud signs the comic of the year, here is the complete list


The Angoulême Comics Festival continues this Saturday. The Swiss Martin Panchaud won the Fauve d’or for best album of the year with The color of thingsannounced the jury chaired by the Lyonnais Alexandre Astier.

This Genevan by birth signs a story in a very original form, which takes up the codes of the video game and the technical diagram, which had initially been published in German. “It’s just amazing. I want to say that I can’t believe it (…) It’s my first festival, I’m discovering, I’ve been in a tunnel since I arrived, ”said the author on Saturday evening on the stage of the Theater of Angoulême. “It’s a book that was conceived in Geneva ten years ago, which was finished in Zurich, where I live (…) Zurich is a kind of crossroads of comics where a lot of influences,” he said.

A “Special Fauve 50th edition” was given to the Japanese Hajime Isayama, the author of the world bestseller The attack of the Titans. “There is a museum of The attack of the Titans in my hometown, and I’m going to display this trophy there,” he said, after being presented with a trophy that he called a “cute cat.” “The exhibition was truly extraordinary. I was really moved and once again thank you very much,” he added.


Fauves d’honneur were awarded to two other Japanese mangakas who came to Angoulême on the occasion of exhibitions dedicated to them, Ryoichi Ikegami and Junji Ito.

The price of courage for the Russian Victoria Lomasko

The Russian designer in exile Victoria Lomasko had earlier won the prize for artistic courage, awarded each year on the sidelines of the festival. This 44-year-old comic book author is known for her critical vision of society and power in Russia and other former Soviet republics, exposed in reports published by several foreign media. She publishes in French in February The Last Soviet Artist, a comic book that reports on the totalitarian vestiges that remain of the USSR, 30 years after its break-up. Victoria Lomasko left Russia in March 2022, just after the outbreak of the invasion of Ukraine. She now lives in Germany, the award jury said in a statement.

The Angoulême Festival closes its doors on Sunday evening, after having succeeded in reviving attendance which had been at half mast in 2022. Despite seasonal weather, cold and overcast, the public was there. The Festival’s most prestigious award, the Grand Prix, was presented on Wednesday to Franco-Syrian Riad Sattouf, known for his saga The Arab of the future.

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