The Cavs And Warriors Had Their Talent Stolen By Monstars


The Golden State Warriors traveled to Cleveland on the second night of a back-to-back to take on the Cavaliers. Both sides are without some pretty important players — Donovan Mitchell is out for the home squad, while the defending champions decided to rest a number of players after a tense game in Boston on Thursday night.

Late in the second quarter, we got one of the stranger sequences in the NBA this season. Golden State was on offense, missed, and got an offensive rebound. They did this again, and then again, and then seemingly 500 more times. Darius Garland was eventually able to corral it, but slipped and fell, which led to a scramble where the Warriors ended up with the ball once again.

And then, the Dubs decided to try and slow things down, putting the ball right into the hands of Jordan Poole. He dribbled around, tried to put up a stepback jumper of Evan Mobley, and just barely got the very front of the rim.

If you think the whole thing would work a lot better with “Yakety Sax” over it, well, we agree so here you go.


The rest of the game hasn’t had anything quite like this, so this is nothing more than a silly moment between two teams with aspirations of making it to the NBA Finals this year.

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