SNCF, RATP, schools… forecasts by sector


► TGV traffic disrupted, even more in the region

According to SNCF forecasts, two out of five TGVs will run on the North axis, one in four on the Atlantic arc. In the East and South-East, one in two trains will run.

For the Ouigos, two out of five trains will be on the tracks. Regional train traffic will be even more disrupted, with two TER trains out of ten on average throughout the territory.

► Reduced traffic in RATP transport and in Île-de-France

In Paris, only lines 1 and 14, automated, will operate normally, while the trains of line 4 will be one out of two at peak times, one out of four at off-peak hours.

Lines 7, 7bis, 9 and 12 will only be served during peak hours. Same traffic for lines 3, 5, 8, 11 and 13, which will not all have their stations open. Line 6 will only be open from Nation to Denfert-Rochereau. And one in two trains will run on line 2.

On the other hand, line 3bis will be completely interrupted and line 10 will be open only in the morning.

Eight out of ten buses and trams are expected to run.

The RER A and B will run with an average of one in two trains at peak times. In the outer suburbs, only one in three trains will run on RER lines A, B, and Transiliens H and U. One in four trains will run on Transilien line K. One in ten will run on RER C lines, D and E, and Transiliens J, L, N, P and R.

► In the regions, mobilization in the transport networks

Outside the capital, urban transport networks will also be disrupted. In Marseille, line 1 of the metro will not run and bus and tram traffic will be very reduced. Same fate for the Lyon metro, with a very disrupted network and no train on line B. In Strasbourg and Toulouse, the public transport network will also be strongly affected.

► One out of five planes removed from Paris-Orly, low disruption at Air France

The General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC) has asked airlines to cut 20% of their flights to and from Orly on Tuesday, in order to deal with the air traffic controllers’ strike.

Air France has announced the cancellation of one in ten flights. This decision does not concern long-haul routes.

► Education and research unions want to “amplify” the strike

Trade union organizations in the world of education, higher education and research have called for “to amplify” the strike for this Tuesday.

If no forecast has been announced, the first day of mobilization on January 19 had 65% of strikers among secondary school teachers and 70% among primary school teachers, according to union figures.

► Employees of docks, refineries and electricity mobilized

At the call of the oil branch of the National Federation of Chemical Industries (FNIC-CGT), the unions of electricians, dockers and refineries mobilized for 48 hours, from January 26 to 28.

Most of these unions have called for a 24-hour strike on Tuesday as part of the national mobilization day.

► Stopped ski lifts

The two main ski lift and ski area employee unions, Force Ouvrière (FO) and CGT, have filed strike notices.

They are thus protesting against the pension reform project, but also against the modification of the unemployment insurance scheme for seasonal workers.


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