Shots fired in the street in Suresnes, two men injured


Bloody fight at the exit of a bar, this Saturday afternoon in Suresnes (Hauts-de-Seine): two men were shot and stabbed following a violent brawl which broke out on a sidewalk of the heights of Suresnes for a reason which remains undetermined.

Around 3:38 p.m., rue Albert Caron, worried residents called the police after hearing several explosions and seeing a group come to blows. A patrol arrives quickly on the scene and discovers two wounded by bullet. The first, Anouar, aged 28, was hit in the abdomen and the second, Marouane, aged 20, was hit in the thigh. The two men, still conscious, are taken care of by the emergency services. These two residents of the town are taken to the hospital to be operated on.

A man shoots several times before fleeing

The police collect the first testimonies and view video images that were captured on the spot by women from a car. They learn that an argument allegedly broke out in a nearby bar between six people. They would have left the establishment to fight it out. The scene is very fast and very confusing. Violence broke out on the road in front of the terrace of this bar. One of them, shirtless, hits with a golf club. A man in a blue tracksuit is armed with a telescopic baton. Others grapple to the ground.

Saturday in Suresnes.  Authorities were looking for a man in black after the shooting.
Saturday in Suresnes. Authorities were looking for a man in black after the shooting. DR


In front of the Nicolas liquor store, one of the protagonists draws a weapon and repeatedly opens fire on those who approach. “Police technicians found three casings on the spot”, explains a source close to the case. A third victim, aged 28, presented himself to the police. Around 4:30 p.m., the authorities were looking for a man dressed in black, wearing a cap and a leather jacket. “Onlookers say that the perpetrators would have moved to an underground car park,” said another source. But the search turned out to be fruitless.

In the next few hours, investigators will interview victims and witnesses to identify the shooter. They will try to better understand how such an outburst of violence could have occurred. Brawl between gangs, bar dispute or something else? For the time being, no hypothesis is favored.

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