Shannon Sharpe, Tee Morant, Steven Adams Get Into It


Tempers appeared to flare during Friday night’s game in Los Angeles between the Lakers and the Memphis Grizzlies. While Memphis, which took a 53-49 lead into the half, tried to make their way into the locker room, it appeared that Steven Adams and Tee Morant got into a shouting match with former NFL tight end and current Fox Sports personality, Shannon Sharpe.

The above videos show that Sharpe repeatedly said “I bet you won’t.” According to Mike Breen, who is broadcasting the game for ESPN, one of Adams’ teammates, Dillon Brooks, started chirping at Sharpe, which appeared to upset the Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee. Adams went right over to Sharpe as this happened, which led to a number of folks rushing over to try and keep the peace.

Sharpe went on to confirm that things started with Brooks but escalated from there.

“My blood pressure didn’t go up a bit, nothing but love for Shannon Sharpe,” said Mark Jackson of a conversation he had with Tee Morant.

Friday night’s game is the first of three meetings between the Lakers and the Grizzlies this season. The two sides will play again in Memphis on Feb. 28, while they’ll return to Los Angeles for their final matchup with one another during the regular season on March 7.


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