Rugby: affected in the cervical, the pillar of Tulle Yusuf Tuncer operated and placed in intensive care


Stupor, fear but also courage. After a scrum, in the last moments of a Federal 1 match (5th division of French rugby) between SC Tulle and Valence d’Agen, Yusuf Tuncer remained on the ground, lying down. The situation quickly worried the players. Team members of the tulle rugby player and the Valencian Augustin Henric, firefighter and rescuer, directly provided him with first aid while awaiting the arrival of the firefighters and the Smur de Tulle.

Treated on the lawn and in the ambulance for an hour, Tuncer was transported by helicopter to the Limoges University Hospital. “He had two cervical emergency operations and was placed in intensive care. He’s scheduled for a CT scan on Monday or Tuesday. The doctors are not commenting on his condition for the moment, ”said Marc Lyssandre, the president of the club of Tulle, to the newspaper La Montagne.


The neck injury shook the players and the public present on Sunday at the Alexandre-Cueille stadium in Tulle. The SCT therefore organized a meeting with the players, the staff and the members of the sports commission on Wednesday 1 February. They will meet the regulating doctor of the emergency service of the hospital center of Tulle, in the presence of the club doctor.

“Sporting Club Tulle Corrèze and its supporters think very strongly of their right pillar Yusuf. The blue and white family is with you,” TBS wrote on its Facebook account, in support of the 29-year-old.

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