Reims LIVE: Neymar (finally) warms up the Park… Reims poorly paid… Follow the live with us


51st: BUUUUUUUT OF THE NEY! After a first shot against Messi, Neymar finds himself alone against the goalkeeper, whom he eliminates with a nice dribble, before finishing with his left foot under the bar.

48th : It starts again at the same pace on the PSG side, it’s messy, there are very few movements. You really have to be strong at the moment when you support PSG, what hell.

46th : Here we go again !!! Entry into the game of Marco Verratti, acclaimed by the Park, and exit of Vitinha. It is likely to do good given the football mush in the middle of the field so far.

45th: Go curtain, first act totally zero for the Parisians. Conversely, Reims plays the game thoroughly and largely dominates in terms of opportunities.

43rd : Messi is not there at all tonight either, technically it is very, very average on the Argentinian side.

40th : Neymar tries a sea lion number in the middle of the field and eats Matusiwa’s foot in the middle of the muzzle.

37th : Ramos is still far from Balogun on this good pass towards the Rémois striker in front of the goal… He is still doing well because the Arsenal player gets his pencils a little tangled but it does not transpire serenity for Serge Row.

35th : Neymar writhes in pain after a tackle from Ito on the Brazilian’s left ankle, yellow for the Japanese.

32nd : It is the first real thrilling sequence from the Parisian trio. Neymar eliminates his vis-à-vis in a very small space before splitting with Messi, Mbappé is on the heels of the Brazilian but the ball is blocked by a defender, too bad, it was beautiful.

30th : Neymar calls for a free kick at the entrance to the opposing area but the referee lets play, I think rightly, Reims goes against and Marquinhos intervenes by breaking the counter with a very crappy anti-game fault. Yellow card for Abdel.

29th : Paris may come out of it thanks to its individualities but, for the rest, the collective performance of this first half hour is once again scandalous. It feels like the season is over in early March after another elimination in the 8th of C1.

28th : 77th shot from Reims after a bad loss of the ball from Neymar in the middle of the field.

26th : New intervention from Donnarumma who comes out in front of Ito and prevents him from crossing short.

22nd : From his living room, my girlfriend can’t believe it either: “He was all alone Kyky!! Why did he want to iron the ballos?? “. Mystery and gumdrop.

21st : Mbappé wastes a three against two with Neymar and Messi, his pass for the Brazilian is countered by a defender from Reims.

18th : Bernat plays totally off time while Neymar was alone on the left and had triggered a very good ball call.

16th: Donnarumma’s reflex stop on his line!!!! The Parisians are no longer there at all (we had announced it) and Reims completely dominates, with in particular a very good Alexis Flips on the left side.

15th: And come on, another big scare on Gigio’s goal, it came from the right side this time. After a good cross from the right, Ito volleys and makes the Park shiver a little more.

11th : And another perfect sequence from Balogun after a high Reims recovery (obviously, it was Donnarumma who had cleared with his foot) but his shot is too soft.

10th: Ouuuuuuuh great volley from Balogun, perfectly launched at the entrance to the Paris area, tap from Gigio!

8th : Hakimi in particular tries to create movement by soliciting one-twos on his right side. He too will be eagerly awaited in a fairly crazy month of February in terms of the calendar for Parisians. For the moment we are far from the guy who excelled with Morocco in Doha.

6th : The ball is circulating well on the PSG side, everyone seems to want to get their fingers out after three fairly bogus matches in the league since January. But I trust them that it won’t last long.

3rd: Oh! Super first Parisian movement with a cake from Neymar for Hakimi, right side, who puts a touch back to Messi. At the entrance to the surface, the world champion sends a volley above.

1st: Ahahahah Donnarruma who starts by offering a goal ball to Balogun with a magnificent pass, fortunately for the Parisians that the control of the attacker on loan from Arsenal is too long. Six meters, but what a fanfare start for Gigio!

8:44 p.m. : The Parisians will play with their new Jordan shirt tonight. It sucks, at home it’s red and blue and basta!

8:42 p.m. : The players arrive on an air of Phil Colins. And it’s always so cold his grandmother!

8:30 p.m. : I’m going to have a little coffee to warm up my body and my heart and I’ll be back.

8:30 p.m. : To find out a bit about the guy, if you don’t know him too well. Only 30 years old and already the main coach on a Ligue 1 bench, big respect.

8:26 p.m. : And here is the Reims XI. Note that this Reims team has been undefeated since the arrival as number 1 of young Will Still, on October 13th. Solid!

8:24 p.m. : PSG will play in 4-4-2 tonight with, for the first time since the World Cup, the Messi-Mbappé doublet united in front.

8:15 p.m.: Hello family! Welcome everyone, we are live from the Parc des Princes. Little atmosphere for the moment and big cold tonight. We took out the down jacket, hat and gloves for the occasion.

10 a.m.: Hello Minutos!

Hi everyone, see you this Sunday evening (8:45 p.m.) to bring you the final match of this 20th day of Ligue 1. And inevitably, all eyes will be on the performance of Paris Saint-Germain. The last time the Parisian club had gone through a series of two defeats in three league games, Kylian Mbappé was still a minor. In truth, we don’t know damn anything, but these two setbacks to attack the year 2023, in Lens (3-1) and Rennes (1-0), have completely revived L1. RC Lens and OM began to believe in the feat that Montpellier, AS Monaco and Losc were able to achieve during this QSI era of PSG, namely to become champions of France. Only Kimpembe and Mukiele should miss the call this Sunday against a Stade de Reims (11th) in form since the arrival of Will Still (Dre) on the bench. We can’t wait to see how Paris will approach this meeting, while the Champions League first leg clash against Bayern Munich is less than three weeks away. See you soon to discover this together, ladies and gentlemen!

“We give you an appointment here from 8:30 p.m., with a kick-off at 8:45 p.m.


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