RC Lens LIVE: The Sang et Or dominate but come up against a blue wall… Follow the match with us…


47th : Ah, this time the Lensois centers come from the left

46th: BALDE! From the start, the ESTAC striker gets an opportunity which casually passes not far from Samba’s goal.

46th: It’s off again in Troyes!

45th: It’s halftime! RC Lens is currently held in check by Estac despite a very clear domination. The blue wall is holding up and cannot hope for much more for the moment.

45th : Sotoca who does all the work! Center countered, the ball comes back to him, he tries from the left in the area… Too crushed.

44th : Luckily Julien Brun is there to put two or three valves in the comments because I’m bored like a dead rat

42nd : Baldé staring and hitting… Rony Lopes. Goal kick. It’s hard for the Trojans.

39th : Oh Rony Lopes who is completely holed up on the only good cross in the area he has to do in half-time.

38th : Baldé returns to the field but he still limps

35th : Baldé remains on the ground after an aerial duel with Danso. He fell badly I think

33rd : The Trojans are so low that even countering becomes completely impossible.

31st: Claude Mauriiice! Ouuuh the ball in slow motion in the area, it was on target, Gallon was beaten but fortunately the ball was slightly diverted on its way and went out for a corner. which gave nothing.

29th : Around 16,272,829 crosses from the Lensois right side since kick-off

27th : It’s not that we’re bored but not far anyway.

24th: Baldé takes a very logical yellow card for a nasty foul on Abdul Sahmed

22nd : The pressing line of Lens is at the level of the line of six meters, it is indecent.

20th: Frankowski and Fofana have fun on the right side and end up finding a corner, on which Sotoca finds the post (but offside).

18th : Strikes a bold hair from Fofana, the ball flies to other skies like the team rocket

17th : Three classes of difference between the two teams, it looks like a 32nd final of the Coupe de France

14th : A bit limited the Lensoise strategy for the moment, it comes down to Frankowski crosses

12th : As they say in the middle, big battle in midfield for now.

9th : Very well shot by Lopes, but even better defended by Sotoca to cut the trajectory of the center of the head.

8th: First yellow for Danso after losing a duel near the surface against Chavalerin. Interesting free kick for Troyes.

7th : First hot situation in the surface of ESTAC, the danger came from a cross from Frankowski

6th : For the moment it’s on the side of Estac, now to get out of his camp, it’s another matter. The Lensois laundry at work.

4th : Observation round in progress. Troyes plays very low like everyone else against Lens and relies on counterattacks.

2nd : The Lensois supporters have decided that the Sang et Or will play at home.

1st: It’s goneiii in Troyes

4:56 p.m .: The two teams enter the lawn!

4:52 p.m. : When I think that Rony Lopes was a hype ten years ago among Manchester City youngsters and that Brazil and Portugal were fighting to know which selection he would represent… Today he is Trojan. Everything goes very fast in football.

4:46 p.m .: And that of Estac, not to make anyone jealous

4:45 p.m.: Hello footix! A quarter of an hour before kick-off, we are warming up properly.

And without further ado, the composition of RC Lens

9:15 am: A little reading and even a podcast dedicated to RC Lens to wait

And presto, RC Lens has often had the (deserved) honors of 20 minutes in recent weeks, as you will see below. In order to wait until 4:45 p.m., we recommend the subjects of Nicolas, who drew an interesting parallel with the title of Montpellier in 2012 (with the excellent Geoffroy Dernis as a witness), and who brought back from Bollaert a nice report on January 14 for Lens-Auxerre (1-0). You will also find the history of the famous post-match “We have them chicoté” with Adrien. Finally, we leave you the podcast dedicated to the Lensois dream of going all the way this season, with Julien and Nicolas. See you soon here.

09h00: Hello and welcome to this match of the future champion of France!

Hello Minutos! Well, joking aside, RC Lens has a great opportunity to join Paris Saint-Germain at the top of Ligue 1 this Saturday (5 p.m.). course for Racing. Most often stunning in mastery and enthusiasm, Franck Haise’s men will try to continue their crazy epic (only one defeat in 19 league games this season) at Troyes, modest 14th in L1. With an almost complete workforce (only Jimmy Cabot, injured in the knee, missing among the holders in power), it is difficult to see them dropping points on the way as they were able to do two weeks ago in Strasbourg (2-2) . And if PSG should recover its place as sole leader on Sunday (8:45 p.m. against Troyes), the opportunity is good for Racing, especially since OM and AS Monaco face off this Saturday (9 p.m.).

“We give you an appointment from 4:45 p.m. here, with a kick-off at 5 p.m.


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