prices keep going up, sales don’t


The 162 notaries of Ain had never recorded a year like 2021. The volume of sales had jumped by 13% in the department to reach 14,080 transactions in the third quarter of 2021 against 11,520 at the same time in 2020 or 8,440 in 2014.

In 2022, (figures still as of October 31), real estate transactions fall slightly, by 1.2%, to fall to 13,920. These are mainly old houses (-7.4%) and old apartments (+0 .5%) which sell less, unlike new apartments (+17%) and building land (+11%).


old houses

“This is the property that is most popular (about half of the real estate market in Ain, editor’s note), hence its scarcity”, plants Me Laëtitia Jossier, notary in Oyonnax. According to the law of the market, which says rare, says expensive. Around €185,000 in 2014, the median selling price…

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