Politics. Squats, abortion, health system … heated debates in sight in the Senate


The coming week promises to be busy for the Senate. The upper house should validate an increase in the pensions of self-employed farmers, but the debates promise to be lively on an anti-squats text and again on the inclusion of the right to abortion in the Constitution. Overview of the texts in debate.

Towards the adoption of the anti-squats law?

Macronist deputy Guillaume Kasbarian’s bill, aimed at better protecting landlords against squatters and unpaid rent, should be voted on with some modifications, at first reading, on Tuesday by the right-wing senatorial majority, which has already proposed in the past anti-squat provisions.

One of the emblematic measures triples the penalties incurred by squatters, up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

Included on the agenda at the request of the RDPI group (Rally of Democrats, Progressives and Independents) with a Renaissance majority, the text was reworked in committee, “without distorting it”, in particular so as to “clearly distinguish the situation of the squatter from that of the tenant”.

But as in the National Assembly, he will come up against strong opposition on the left in the hemicycle, which will relay the concern of associations always mobilized against the risk of expulsion of the most fragile.

A new debate on the constitutionalization of abortion

The question of including the right to abortion (voluntary termination of pregnancy) in the Constitution will be back on Wednesday at the Luxembourg Palace, at the initiative of the socialist group. The constitutional bill of the LFI deputies, voted at first reading at the end of November by the Assembly, was rejected in committee. The commission considered in particular that it “only proposed an illusory solution to the concrete difficulties of access to abortion”.

But the debate will be relaunched in the hemicycle by a counter-proposal by Senator LR Philippe Bas substituting the notion of “freedom” for that of “right”.

For Senator PS Laurence Rossignol, this amendment “takes a step” and allows parliamentary debate to engage “really”. “It shows that things are moving in the senatorial majority and that’s a good thing”, according to the ecologist Mélanie Vogel, author of a first bill aimed at constitutionalizing abortion, rejected by the Senate in October.

Agricultural pensions without suspense

This is the only text that should be adopted definitively. This is an LR bill passed unanimously in early December by the National Assembly to raise the pensions of self-employed farmers. In particular the heads of operations and collaborating spouses.


The text was adopted without modifications by the senators in committee. The same vote in the hemicycle, Tuesday or Wednesday, will be worth final adoption.

On this consensual subject of revaluation of agricultural pensions, two laws called Chassaigne 1 and 2 had already been passed unanimously in 2020 and 2021.

Towards better protection for savers?

The bill presented Tuesday in the hemicycle by the general rapporteur for the Budget Jean-François Husson (LR) and his predecessor Albéric de Montgolfier (LR) aims to “strengthen the protection of savers”.

It aims in particular to improve their information to enable them to “make a more informed choice” and provides for stricter supervision of certain commissions. Several measures “strengthen the control of players in the savings market”.

Among the other measures, an article extends until 2026 the benefit of the tax incentive put in place by the Pacte law to transfer the sums invested in a life insurance contract to a retirement savings plan (PER).

A text for caregivers

The first text entered Wednesday in the parliamentary niche of the PS group aims to provide a response to the crisis in the health system.

Adopted “by a very large majority” in committee, according to its author Bernard Jomier, the bill intends to establish in public hospitals a minimum ratio of carers per patient, for each specialty and type of care activity. This ratio would be established by decree, taken after the opinion of the High Authority for Health (HAS).

Rehabilitation of those shot?

The environmental group included in its niche Thursday a bill by LFI deputy Bastien Lachaud aimed at rehabilitating more than 600 soldiers “shot for example”, a dark page of the First World War.

Voted at first reading by the Assembly in January 2022, the text was rejected by the senators in committee.

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