Pensions: the RN considers it “scandalous” that its elected officials are not welcome at the demonstrations


Deputy Sébastien Chenu (RN) judged Friday “totally scandalous” that the unions do not accept the elected representatives of his party in the demonstrations against the pension reform, ensuring that he “does not prohibit himself” from participating in the next mobilization on Tuesday.

“I don’t forbid myself to be somewhere in the street. I am not waiting for authorization from the CGT or from anyone else, ”said the deputy on LCI, when asked about his possible participation on Tuesday in the next day of demonstrations against the pension reform. Mr. Chenu described as “totally scandalous” the remarks of the union leaders, in particular those of the general secretary of the CGT, Philippe Martinez, who had assured that the elected members of the National Rally “were not welcome in our demonstrations”, their recommending “strongly not to come”.

“Can you imagine if today on the set I said that I forbid activists or elected officials from the left to participate in demonstrations, we would find that appalling and we would be right”, he got carried away.

“Totally hypocritical people”

“Beyond that, I don’t want to find myself arm in arm with people who are totally hypocritical, who try to clear their consciences,” he added, recalling that most unions had called to block Marine Le Pen in the second round of the presidential election against Emmanuel Macron.


“They got him elected. Now they are organizing protests,” he blamed them.

On CNews, the deputy and spokesperson for the RN, Laurent Jacobelli, agreed: “The same people who called for Emmanuel Macron to vote and who are therefore ultimately co-authors of this pension reform, whatever they say, it’s a good game now to play arsonist firefighters, ”he said. “The street does not belong to them,” he assured. “I believe that (union leaders) would be surprised to learn the number of voters among their members who vote RN”, added the deputy.

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