Partial legislative: the Nupes wins a seat, the RN loses one, status quo for the majority


In the light of the debate and then the vote on the pension reform where, once again, every voice will count, the partial legislative elections this weekend were expected. In three constituencies, the outgoing deputies had turned in the lead after the first round last Sunday, against a background of strong abstention. Two finally lost their posts just over six months after their election and in a ballot marked by high abstention.

It shows that the majority keeps the same number of deputies, with the victory of Laure Miller in the Marne. The National Rally, which loses this constituency, will count one less vote at the Palais-Bourbon. But the real winner of this electoral weekend is the Nupes which wins a seat with the victory of Bertrand Petit in the 8th constituency of Pas-de-Calais (the only outgoing deputy to remain) and that of René Pilato in Charente.

Pas-de-Calais: the PS deputy, invested Nupes, keeps his seat

In Saint-Omer and its surroundings, the deputy, related PS and invested by Nupes, after having presented a dissident candidacy in June, won against the candidate RN Auguste Evrard. His election had been invalidated because of the choice of his deputy, René Hocq, ineligible because he was already replacing a senator.

This time, the former Nupes candidate Simon Roussel did not present his candidacy. The voices on the left did not divide. The presidential majority candidate, Benoît Potterie (Horizons), was eliminated in the first round.

The rebellious wins in Angoulême

In the first constituency of Charente, which includes the Angoulême prefecture, the candidate of the presidential majority and spokesperson for Horizons, Thomas Mesnier (elected in June for 24 ballots), this time was beaten. The 42 votes in advance of the first round were largely caught up by the representative of Nupes, the Insoumis René Pilato.

The mathematics teacher (LFI) wins by 474 votes according to figures from the prefecture. The participation rate was 30.21%. The results are provisional pending a meeting of the control commission which will take place on Monday morning.

Marne: the RN gives way to Renaissance

But the presidential majority in turn recovers a constituency, the 2nd of the Marne, which was occupied by the deputy RN Anne-Sophie Frigout. If Marine Le Pen’s protege had scored better than in the first round of June, she will leave the benches of the National Assembly in favor of Laure Miller (Renaissance).

She was elected with 51.8% of the vote, or 629 votes apart, reports France Bleu. She benefited from a good report of votes to win. Indeed, the candidate of the Nupes Victorien Pâté, who came third in the first round, had called in particular not to give any voice to the RN. In June, Laure Miller was eliminated in the first round, due to a dissenting candidacy. These elections had been provoked after invalidation decisions of the Constitutional Council.


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