Opening of the PS congress, Benalla retried and Srdjan Djokovic gives up seeing his son


Did you miss the news this early morning? We’ve put together a recap to help you see things more clearly.

PS Congress: The Socialists meet this Friday in Marseille

The Socialists meet from Friday in Marseille for the famous PS congress, in a deleterious atmosphere, the disputed re-election of Olivier Faure as first secretary leaving the party fractured. Already weakened by the historic failure of its presidential candidate Anne Hidalgo (1.7%), the PS has been torn apart since the vote of the members to choose a leader.

Benalla case: Violence, illegal carrying of weapons… The former Elysée project manager tried on appeal


The former project manager of the Elysée Alexandre Benalla appears before the Paris Court of Appeal from this Friday for violence committed on the sidelines of the demonstration of May 1, 2018. In the first instance, he had received a sentence of three years in prison – including one year closed under an electronic bracelet – for molesting three men and two women. The images, which had triggered a real scandal, showed him wearing a police helmet when he was supposed to be only an “observer” of the device for maintaining order.

Australian Open: Srdjan Djokovic gives up attending his son Novak’s semi-final

Srdjan Djokovic, at the center of a controversy at the Australian Open with pro-Russian fans, announced on Friday that he was giving up attending the stadium for his son Novak Djokovic’s semi-final in order not to stir up tensions. . “I am only here to support my son. I had no intention of making headlines or causing any disruption (…) In order for there to be no problem during the semi-final for my son or his opponent, I chose to watch the game from home,” Srdjan Djokovic wrote in a statement.

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