OL LIVE: The Lyonnais not serene serene but in front of the score… Follow the match with us


51st: THE POST THAT SAVED OL! Belaïli had risen above the world to place his head on this corner, this time Lopes was beaten. They are really not successful the Ajacciens.

50th: Toto Lopes who still comes out perfectly in front of El-Idrissy! The first chance of this second period is for the ACA.

49th : Aie aie Belaili who steps on the ball when he was trying to board Kumbédi and Diomandé. He dribbled past the Algerian himself.

47th : Ah yes, I saw a funny stat at the break, Lepanant scored on his first shot on target this season. I checked, it gives us a nice ratio.

46th: IT’S ON AGAIN to René Coty (do you have it?)

6:04 p.m. : Nothing to do with this game but I come across this totally incredible stat. If you were at La Beaujoire this afternoon, don’t hesitate to call to tell about this traumatic experience.

45th+2: IT’S THE BREAK IN AJACCIO. OL were hot in some situations but led 1-0 thanks to a goal from Lepenant. See you in a few minutes.

45th : Haha Cherki who decides that this ball is too complicated to take and suddenly he leaves a highway for Youssouf to control it and go against. #laziness

44th: Moussiti-Oko again, this time with a header! It was on target but without too much force, Lopes lies down quietly to take it.

42nd: OPPORTUNITY AGAIN for Ajaccio! Bayala’s center passes in front of the goal, at the far post Moussiti-Oko misses when it comes back. The OL defense was still upside down.

39th : Oh, if Cherki is going to score on this, it’s a sure scandal. Belaïli is dried from behind in the middle, the referee who was one meter from the action says nothing and behind the Lyon striker is sent to goal. Well finally the action did not give anything, it is perhaps better like that.

37th : Okay, he gets up… It’s a small miracle, frankly, the images are super impressive. The guy has steel necks.

36th : OUTCH Youssouf gliding and landing vertically on his head. I don’t like that at all…

34th : He took it Cherki, but completely missed… Even less conviction in the strike Rayan.

33rd : Oh the free kick 20-23m from the Ajaccio cages, perfect for a left-hander. It’s for you Rayan.

31st: BARCOLAAAA which does not fit paaaaas on this face to face with Sollacaro!! He had the break point at the end of the Lyon striker’s foot.

29th : Nothing understood in the decision of the referee there who put a yellow to Avinel and then removed it. Well I think.

27th : Small lull in this first rather intense period. Caqueret and Tolisso launched the construction site in the middle and there is a response in front, suddenly a lot of stoppages.

24th : Terrible for Ajaccio who really show good intentions, especially Belaïli and Marchetti in midfield, but there’s always a little thing wrong when you approach the surface.

22nd : No wonder this goal comes from Barcola, who have been moving a lot on their left side since the start of the game. He takes advantage of the space left by Toko’s departure to show himself, it’s cool.

20th: THE LYONNAIS HOLD UP!! Barcola back, this time it finds someone in the person of Lepenant, all alone at the far post. OL hit the mark on their first chance.

18th : And bah et bah, it calms down a bit there but they took the full tide from the Lyonnais over the last five minutes. Thank you Toto Lopes for the works.

16th: LOPES WHO SAVED THE HOMELAND ahead of El-Idrissy!!! The Lyon defenders aren’t there, it’s terrible, all the balls are taken by the Corsicans.

15th: Ouuuuuh the center rolled up by Belaïli, nobody touches it and Lopes very happy to see the ball spinning outside his post. Big Ajaccio sequence there.

14th: Marchettiiii the mulasse strike!! Full axis, he had put two midfielders in the wind to open the way. Lopes forced to work to slam it.

12th : You won’t be surprised, but in terms of intensity, it’s two rooms, two atmospheres for the moment. We will have to get started on the OL side, especially in the defensive sector.

10th: The first thrill from Lyon with this center set back from Cherkiiiiii! But neither Lacazette nor Barcola are there at the reception zzzzzzzzzz.

9th : The latest news about Cherki. Apparently Al-Khelaïfi phoned to offer less than 10 million euros. At that price a text message or a snap would have sufficed Nasser.

7th : ALERT TO ALL UNITS it’s good they crossed the border. Next step, the opposing surface.

5th : As soon as OL have passed the midfielder, I tell you, I promise.

3rd : Oh Belaïli’s pretty outside, it was perfectly in line with Moussiti-Oko but Lovren cut well to scratch a fault in the trade.

2nd : The first shot of the match is on target, created by Moussiti-Oko for the ACA. Lopes well on the trajectory.

1st: IT’S GOING! And best of luck.

5:03 p.m. : Oh yes, I missed that stat… OL and Ajaccio have each scored a small goal since the start of 2023 in the league. THE REGALADE that awaits us haha.

5:01 p.m. : In Ajaccio, we rather start with a 442 with the two main offensive weapons, Belaïli and El-Idrissy.

4:58 p.m. : The composition of Lolo White for this match. In 433 with Tolisso in the middle, young Barcola and Cherki in front to surround Lacazette.

4:55 p.m. : Finally that, it is according to us, from the outside, because apparently Jean-Michel Aulas lives it rather well. I don’t know if you’ve read her interview published in Le Monde today, but she’s pretty moody. “No sports downgrading”, a model “made to withstand sporting hazards”, todo good.

It is available here (but you have to be a subscriber).

4:53 p.m. : The Lyonnais, they lost a place with the victory of Toulouse in the afternoon. They are 11th at the start of this match, which means that there is really urgency there.

4:52 p.m. : Excessively important match for both teams, therefore. AC Ajaccio remains on a 7-1 conceded in Monaco, but can get out of the red zone by taking just one point at the expense of Strasbourg.

4:50 p.m.: Re! We take the antenna quietly, 15 minutes from kickoff. The weather is nice in Ajaccio, the lawn is beautiful, everything you need for a good football match. Good after you have to see the players what.

3:30 p.m.: The challenges

We no longer recognize OL. Picking up on the field, in total blur behind the scenes, the Lyonnais are going through this season like shadows. Mediocre 10th in Ligue 1 after two losses at home against Clermont and Strasbourg, two teams however not the most cheerful in the championship, the partners of Alex Lacazette are painful to see. Opposed to Ajaccio this Sunday, they have no choice but to win to maintain the illusion of a more cheerful second half of the season. If, however, the main interested parties still believe in it…

>> See you at 5 p.m. here to follow OL’s new adventures in Ligue 1…


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