Not taking demonstrations into account “would be a fault”, warns Laurent Berger


Beware of the overconfidence of members of the government in the face of the mobilization against the pension reform. “The population is very unfavorable to the project, and this opinion tends to gain momentum”, warns the secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, this Saturday in an interview with the Worldthree days before a new day of demonstrations all over France against the pension reform and the postponement of the legal age to 64 years.

After the “large-scale mobilizations” of January 19 (1.12 million participants according to the police, more than 2 million according to the organizers), with in particular “large processions in medium-sized towns”, the boss of the CFDT emphasizes that “opinion constitutes an element of the balance of power”. “The government must listen to it, Parliament must be concerned about what is happening everywhere,” he adds, while the bill will be examined in the Assembly from Monday.

No multiplication of demonstrations in sight

Not taking this context into account “would be a fault”, warns Laurent Berger, worried about the consequences “if the text passed as it is, without any inflection”, at the risk of generating “resentment” and favoring the far right. “We don’t need democratic chaos,” he insists. Anxious to “keep public opinion” on his side, he does not support the blocking strategy advocated by other organizations, judging that “the level of trade union effectiveness is not measured by the level of concrete hassle for citizens “.


Nor is he in favor of a multiplication of days of action, because “many workers cannot keep up with such an intense pace, he believes that it “needs one or two more demonstrations of force” for the executive to “take aware of the powerful rejection that his text arouses”.

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