In Seine-Saint-Denis, concern over the “antisquat” bill


Flore (the first name has been changed) is so stressed to have seen her expulsion ordered by the judge that Nathalie Cariou-Dourmap received her on Monday January 23, without waiting for her weekly permanence in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) . “Is this all for me? », asks, incredulously, the 53-year-old single mother, seeing the files prepared by the project manager for the prevention of evictions, who has recently accompanied her. We must act quickly: Flore could be evicted from her apartment at the end of the winter break, on March 31, unless she obtains a reprieve.

“The judge can grant you an additional three to thirty-six months”, explains Nathalie Cariou-Dourmap. This potential respite, which could allow Flore to relocate and find a better paying job, is threatened by the so-called “antisquat” bill, adopted on December 2 in the National Assembly. This text, carried by the Renaissance deputies Guillaume Kasbarian and Aurore Bergé, also made liable to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros for a squatter or a tenant refusing to leave the premises at the end of the eviction procedure. . “When I found out, I was left speechless”, says the project manager. An amendment voted in committee in the Senate, Wednesday, January 25, removes the amalgam, but maintains the possibility of condemning an evicted tenant to six months in prison and a 7,500 euro fine. It’s already too much, says Nathalie Cariou-Dourmap.

Flora, liable to prison? She, who is raising her two daughters alone, spent a long time “tighten the belt” to pay his 800 euros rent. When she could no longer afford to pay for it in full, she wanted “explain it” to its owner. He who had not wanted to repair his broken bathtub did not answer his calls. Since then, he has often come to threaten her. Flore had her door forced open. Her lock had been filled with glue countless times, causing her to get stuck at home until a friend came to replace the lock.

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In the hope of earning more, the carer stopped acting, “one day we take you, the next day we don’t”. She works in a school canteen, one hour away by metro. His manager remains deaf to his requests to increase his hours, and this part-time is not enough to pay the rent, which now exceeds 900 euros. It is all the more difficult because of his unpaid bills, his 300 euros of personalized housing assistance (APL) have been suspended. With the help of a social worker, Flore compiled an over-indebtedness file. His debts have been erased. Not the eviction proceedings initiated by the landlord. With the new accumulated delays, she owes him more than 7,000 euros.


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