Hauts-de-Seine: investigation into the cocaine consumption of Renaissance deputy Emmanuel Pellerin


Emmanuel Pellerin will finally have to explain his cocaine consumption. The confessions of the Renaissance deputy of the 9th district of Hauts-de-Seine, published this Wednesday on the Mediapart information site, as well as “new elements” prompted the Nanterre prosecution to open an incidental procedure for the use of narcotics .

This new investigation will be entrusted to the territorial security of Hauts-de-Seine, which had carried out the first investigation, opened on September 9 on the basis of a handbook filed two days earlier and describing facts likely to be qualified direct provocation of a minor to the illicit use of narcotics. The deputy’s son had indeed told his psychologist that his father had presented him, at the end of July, with a box containing narcotics. This psychologist then transmitted “worrying information”, as part of the alert system for a minor in danger.

“I took drugs again the weekend when we celebrated my investiture in July”

After several hearings, this first investigation had been dismissed on September 26 by the Nanterre prosecutor’s office, “for lack of element likely to characterize an offense”. MP Pellerin – imposed on the political landscape by former MP Thierry Solère, himself entangled in several legal cases – then admitted to having consumed cocaine and cannabis from June 2020 but claimed, at the same time, to have everything stopped as soon as he entered politics at the end of 2021.


Until, confronted with the elements of Mediapart, he admits to having used drugs, and in particular cocaine, before and after his election to the Palais-Bourbon, last spring. “I took drugs again the weekend when we celebrated my investiture in July and after that it was over,” admitted Emmanuel Pellerin to the news site, referring to the “biggest bullshit of his life” , after having repeatedly insisted on the absence of any consumption from the legislative elections.

Regret or not, the consumption of narcotics remains an offense punishable by one year’s imprisonment and a fine of 3,750 euros. What Emmanuel Pellerin, lawyer by profession, could not ignore. The deputy Renaissance, who did not respond to our requests, also risks pure and simple exclusion from the party of the presidential majority. His fate will be discussed during the executive board which will meet on Monday.

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