Germany: Relive the epic victory of the Blues in the quarterfinals of the World Cup


Come on, let’s stop there. See you Friday night for France-Sweden! Hoping for a revenge for the France team. Bye bye good evening.

10:22 p.m. : The other half will oppose Spain to Denmark. It’s the same last four as two years ago. The downside of biennial World Cups. And a six-team sport.

60th: Rémi Desbonnet elected man of the match, is that a surprise? ABSOLUTELY NOT. True hero. Respect for this guy. He ate their brains.

60th: IT’S OVER! Victory of France 35-28!! We will have suffered, but we are in the semis. What a match my ancestors.

59th : It will be France-Sweden in the semi-finals. As usual I want to say

58th : We breathe there. +8, we just have to wait for it to pass.

57th: DESBONNET SOUNDS THE END OF THE GAME! Another stop, it simply disgusts them!

56th: 31-25 from the start! It combines so well there, Tournat who plants a goal after taking the ball of which he has the secret

55th: Dead time for France. +5 five minutes from the end. We must ensure, and the match will be won.

55th : Desbonnet responding to Wolff, monstrous game between the two goalkeepers. We don’t get tired of it.

54th: DESBONNETS! Rémi I aiiimeeeee you what a stop again to stay at +5.

53rd: AND IT GOES BIM, BAM, BOOM! 30-25 on this superb interception by Valentin Porte who finished in goal quickly. The dead time will not even have benefited the Germans. The halves are there, very close.

52nd: German timeout eight minutes from the end. The last! The energy of despair for the Mannschaft.

51st: +4 KENTIN ON PENOCHE! And behind, the defense behind! No pasaran!! Fabregas drives the point home on the counter. +5 is too bad.

50th : French possession after a good defense against a German attack. The fewer goals we concede, the better.

49th: Throw of 7m obtained by Remili. Go Kentin, it’s for you BG.OUIIII MY GARCOOOON +3!!

48th: Desbonneeeet imperial! Knorr in the sauce against the French goalkeeper

46th: FABREGAS GEEEST! Magnificent to iron at +3. But unfortunately Germany picks up again immediately. +2

45th : I blinked, the Germans came back to two goals. What happened???

45th: Stop by Desbonnet again and Lenne who this time does not miss on counter-attack!! +4 for the Blues it’s good thataaaaaa.

44th : Kentin Mahé the little candy! Roucoulette space to put Wolff in the wind, we take.

42nd : AaaaAaah Yanis Lenne who can’t grab the ball on this counter-attack, I had already started to announce the +3. It doesn’t matter, it’s only a postponement.

41st: DESBONNET MON HEROS, another parade on a German rocket, nothing happens! And Luka Karabatic who starts to score, frankly this second period can only be beautiful. 22-20 for the Blues!

40th: Go there the 2nd pastis in a row for Desbonnet, and behind Fabregas brings the Blues up! It feels a little bit better.

39th: YES Grébille who this time finds the lulu on the open side, this one is good. 20-19.

37th : AND if Dika Mem starts to lose stupid balloons on the ascents of the ball, it’s not going to get better…

36th : Wolff he is eating our brains, it’s crazy. There he did not flinch the guy in front of Grébille, and then again in front of Mahé. IT’S NOT OKAY. 20-18 ALL.

35th : What not to do to score a goal anyway… Fabregas finally crashes after a post from Prandi, we take.

34th: Aaaaah yes Desbonnet who saves the house when we had just done absolutely ANYTHING in attack twice in a row. The goalkeeper of the Blues avoids the -3 on a crazy stop, phew. 19-17.

33rd : Prandi in check twice in one minute, that’s a lot. In addition he is not there on the fallback suddenly it’s all cooked for Golla. 4th goal already for the German pivot. 18-17.

32nd : Lenne who plants the first goal in counter-attack, but the Germans pick up right away with a nice kung-fu.

31st: GO, IT’S GOING ON! Ball for Germany.

9:32 p.m. : We will have suffered a lot in these first 30 minutes, Vincent Gérard in difficulty on goal and on the other side, Wolff in a state of grace. But the Blues reacted well and the fact of not being behind at the break will do good in the heads. The second is for us! We’ll see that in a few minutes…

30th: And therein lies the miracle, signed Richardson again! What a shot in support, Wolff is pierced. The Blues return to the locker room at 16-16, and throughout the first period we take without problem.

29th : Richardson who brings us back to height but the Germans also score in stride! It will take a little miracle not to be behind the mermaid. 16-15.

28th : BAM XXL STOP by Desbonnet on a German counter-attack, Groetzki sent home. He keeps us inside the Montpellier goalkeeper.

27′: Ouch ouch Melvyn Richardson in check on the throw from 7 meters… The two German goalkeepers are on fire. 15-14 ALL.

27th: Ouiiii Ludo Fabregas who will scratch the two minutes + peno! That’s what we want (the 2 minutes is severe but not serious).

25th : The Blues in numerical inferiority, for the moment it only manages a peno cashed and we try to gain a little time in attack.

23rd : And Vince Gérard who never stops! Well the positive point is that when he gets started, we can hope to take a break. 14-14.

22nd : Rha the two teams go blow for blow, it’s really stressful this first period. 13-13…

20th : But Wolf it is elastic to infinity? Looks like Dhalsim from Street Fighter as Mem sent him a giga praline

19th: OH THIS IS INCREDIBLE 11-11! The meteoric rise they saw nothing coming from the Germans. Like us in 40.

18th: DIKAAAA RIVERS!! Uh no… DIKA MEEEEM! 11-10 on a lost ball and Dika taking advantage

16th: Good defense of the Blues who have the opportunity to reduce the score on the next possession. Another fault conceded by Karabatic, and it’s still a barge. MELVYN YES! 9-11, we’re getting closer

16th: Come on, we’re off to a good start. Melvyn Richardson does not tremble against Wolff on a seven-yard throw. 8-11!

15th : GG puts a time out, it was time.

15th: 11-7, new French post, new German counter-lightning, and that’s +4. DANGER

14th: 7-9, then 7-10… Vincent Gérard, we’re going to have to take out a few, anyway…

13th : Obviously on the other side Steiner scores and we take two minutes. On the other hand, when it was necessary to give the Germans two minutes on Karabatic, there was nobody.

11th: Penoche for the Blues. BUT YOU CAN’T MISS THIS KENTIN… It’s not possible.

10th: FINALLY! Karabatic reduces the score, 6-8. We note the candy of Remili in the pass.

9th : Yet another save on an attempt by Niko Karabatic…


8th : +3 for Germany it starts to quantify all that…

7th : 6-4, Wolff disgusts us with handball! Luckily Hafner finds the post on the next play but there was a foul anyway.

5th: 5-4. OH NO THE 5-5 WHICH DOESN’T FIT… Nahi sees his attempt land on the bar. Regrets…

4th: I had forgotten how everything was going too fast in the hand. It is already 4-3 for the Germans, the last goal scored by Mertens. And the break in stride! Mem misses his duel against Wolff and behind it does not forgive.

2nd: Seven-meter throw for Germany, Knorr does not tremble, Gégé can do nothing. 2-1, soon 2-2, Nahi responds quickly, quickly. That’s good!

2nd: Bim, bam, boom, Ludo Fabregas! 1-1

2nd : It’s Germany who opened the scoring, small absence of Nikola Karabatic and behind that, it’s not forgiving. 0-1

1st : Mem’s first attempt, she is stopped on the line. It doesn’t play much

1st: IT’S GOIIIIIIIII!! France-Germany, quarter-final of the Handball World Cup

8:47 p.m. : The presentation of the players was endless, at this rate I will celebrate my 64th birthday at the end of the match (I am 31 years old).

8:44 p.m. : The players return to the field, it will finally be able to start!

8:35 p.m .: I take this opportunity to specify that it is Spain who qualified, victory 35-34

8:30 p.m. : Ok okay we have an explanation. It’s delayed because of extra time in the Spain match.

8:25 p.m. : Ah yes nice TFX who forgets to pass the hand as planned and prefers a rotten series instead. Why not.

8:15 p.m .: It’s time to start this live, friends.

And while waiting for the kick-off, I leave you with a little reading. French handball is so strong that it wins the left.

10:30 am: Hellooooooo the ballequicollix!

Hello France, like every six months or so, we come to make you live a big international handball competition. This is the start of the year for the world championships. And guess what, we are entitled to seven European selections on display for these quarter-finals (plus Egypt). Regarding our Blues, undefeated and therefore rather serene since the start of this World Cup, this first knockout match, this Wednesday (8:30 p.m. in Gdansk (Poland), will be tough since Germany has to be stuck. Even if the German selection seems to be suffering from a lack of experience this year, we know how close the meetings between the two nations are historically. We can’t wait to discover all that, especially since our eternal Nikola Karabatic (38) should be available, after having been forfeited in the last two games due to a contusion on the left foot. Voilou, see you soon!

See you here from 8:15 p.m., with the match kicking off at 8:30 p.m.


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