Final Djokovic – Tsitsipas LIVE: Tsitsipas already under pressure on his service…


10:07 a.m .: Come on, break confirmed for the Serb who recovered at the right time (obviously). 4-1, it scrolls!

10:06 : Oula, two big mistakes for the Serb, who forgot to move his legs. Obviously it does not help to play tennis.

10:05 a.m. : No, there’s nothing going for the Greek, who still finds the band of the net on a forehand missile attempt. 30-0.

10:03 am: BREAK DJOKO! Tsitsipas forced to take risks on his second, and it’s double fault. 3-1 for the Serb who already stands out.

10:02 a.m .: Another break point for Djoko, who keeps the pincers. It must really be hopeless to play against him, he never drops in intensity.

10:00 a.m. : Aaaaah, here is a nice point won this time by the Greek. A clever mix of risk-taking and patience. Come on, there’s only to do that for 4 hours, courage. 15-30.

09:59 : Completely under pressure Tsitsipas for now, if he doesn’t get a first at 210 on the line he loses the point, basically.

09:57 : On the other hand, on Djoko’s service, there’s no comparison… When it happens like that, we know how it ends in general (break is coming).

09:55: Yes Tsitsi! Solid there the Greek to get out of it, it was important. 1-1.

9:53 a.m .: SAVED by the Greek, who released a big first at the right time and then solid in the exchange. Come on, don’t lose this one, otherwise we know, behind it, it unfolds.

09:52: Ouch ouch ouch the long backhand line coming out! Two entry break points for Djoko!

09:51 : Popopo the first rally of this match, it is Djoko who wins it after a big defense. Be careful already the Greek in not taking too long to get started. 0-30.


09:50 : Oh yes good reminder from Eurosport, I didn’t talk about it but the winner of this match will be world number 1 tomorrow. If ever there was need for a little extra motivation.

09:48 : High level already from the Serb on this first game. Apart from a completely off-center backhand, he strolled Tsitsipas.

09:46: WE’RE LEAVING! Djoko serving at the start of this final.

09:44 : Come on, last serves on both sides to finish the warm-up, it’s going to go in 2 minutes.

09:41 : Faultless course or almost so far for Djoko, who despite his famous thigh injury, lost only one set in the tournament. It was in the 2nd round against Couacaud (about the only thing to remember from this tournament on the French side). Tsitsipas needed 5 sets to dismiss Sinner in the 8th, before a fairly tight match against Khachanov in the half (victory in 4 sets).

09:37: The two players enter the court. In an atmosphere that can be described as cozy. Beautiful Serbian and Greek colonies all the same, it will increase in pressure.

09:33 : For Tsitsipas the stake is a first GC title. At 24, the time has come for the Greek, not far behind at Roland in 2021 against… Djokovic. He led 2 sets to 0 before being knocked out. Eternal regrets.

09:31 : Novak Djokovic obviously huge favorite, the Rod Laver arena is his second home. He hasn’t lost since 2018, he can win his 10th Australian Open this morning and above all, above all, the challenge for him is to match Rafa Nadal with a 22nd Grand Slam title.

09:27 : Well, we can’t say that we enjoyed the tournament from start to finish, but this final really makes us salivate. Probably the best poster we could hope for at the start of the second week, when we saw who was left in the table.

09:24: Yooooo Sunday mornings! Thank you for joining us for the final of this Australian Open. The two players haven’t entered the court yet, you have time to run a little coffee.

07h00: Hello to you Tennix!

Hello people, welcome to this live that we know is very early for a Sunday. But do not miss it under any circumstances: Novak Djokovic has the opportunity to enter a little more into the legend of tennis from 9:30 am. In the line of sight for the Serb, at the end of an Australian Open so far without a hitch the place of world number 1 plussssssssssss a 22nd Grand Slam in his career. And yes, the famous record which until then only belonged to Rafael Nadal. Suffice to say that Stefanos Tsitsipas, still virgin of any Grand Slam coronation at 24, will have to deliver the match of his life to stop what seems to be the direction of history. There was obviously a memorable precedent between the two opponents of the day in Melbourne: the Roland-Garros final in 2021, when Novak Djokovic came back two sets behind to beat the young Greek (6-7, 2-6, 6 -3, 6-2, 6-4). Let’s hope for such a dingo scenario this Sunday morning. Come on, we find ourselves very quickly between sandwiches and passing shots.

We meet here from 9:15 a.m., with the Djokovic-Tsitsipas final kicking off at 9:30 a.m.

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