fight around Vougledar, deadly strike in Kherson


► The Russian army advances in Vougledar, kyiv denies

Russian troops are progressing near the town of Vougledar, a new hot spot on the front in eastern Ukraine where Moscow has intensified its offensive, assured Monday, January 30, the leader of the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk, Denis Pushilin.

“Our units continue to advance (…) Units have established themselves in eastern Vougledar and work continues in the surrounding area”said Denis Pushilin.

Ukraine, for its part, denied the Russian advance. A spokesman for the Ukrainian army in charge of this area assured that the Russian attacks in the area had failed. “The enemy had no success and retreated. We have not lost our positions”he argued.

► Russian bombing kills three in Kherson, the hospital affected

Russian bombardments on Kherson, in southern Ukraine, on Sunday January 29 left at least three dead and six injured, including two nurses in the strike that hit the city’s hospital, denounced President Volodymyr Zelensky .

“The Russian army brutally shelled Kherson all day… A hospital, a post office, a bus station were damaged. Two nurses were injured in hospital. In total, six injured and three dead are reported.said the Ukrainian president in his daily video message, broadcast in the evening.

In Kharkiv, in the east of the country, the governor of the military administration of the region reported that a Russian strike hit on Sunday “a four-storey residential building”resulting in the death of a person.

► Ukrainian strike in a region near Zapororijjia

In an area under Russian control in the neighboring region of Zapororijjia, also in the south of the country, the authorities installed by Moscow indicated that four people had been killed by a Ukrainian strike on a railway bridge.


The front in southern Ukraine, where the Russian army had to abandon Kherson in November, has recently been much calmer than that in the eastern countries where fierce fighting is taking place. The bombardments on both sides, however, never ceased and fighting resumed last week in the Zaporijjia region.

► Ukraine accuses the IOC of promoting Russia’s war on it

The Ukrainian presidency has raised the tone against the International Olympic Committee, accusing it of examining the possibility of authorizing the participation of Russian athletes under a neutral banner in the Olympic Games-2024.

“The IOC is a promoter of war, murder and destruction. The IOC happily watches Russia destroy Ukraine and then offers Russia a platform to promote genocide” Ukrainians, denounced an adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, targeting Thomas Bach, the German boss of the Committee. “Obviously the money that buys Olympic hypocrisy does not smell of Ukrainian blood. Right, Mr. Bach? »he blurted out.

► NATO chief asks Seoul to “intensify” its aid to Ukraine

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg on Monday called on South Korea to“intensify” its military aid to Ukraine, suggesting that it revise its policy of not supplying arms to countries at war.

“If we believe in freedom, in democracy, if we don’t want autocracies and totalitarianism to prevail, then they need weapons”pleaded Jens Stoltenberg Monday at the Chey Institute in Seoul.

South Korea is an increasingly important arms exporter on a global level and it recently initialed contracts to sell several hundred tanks to European countries, including Poland, a member of the Atlanticist organization. But its laws prevent it from selling them to nations at war, making it difficult to deliver arms to Ukraine, to which Seoul has still provided non-lethal equipment and humanitarian aid.

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