DIRECT. PSG-Reims: Paris completely shaken up, the Rémois dangerous (0-0)


Verratti warms up during half-time

The Italian midfielder has not joined his teammates in the locker room, and is warming up on the lawn of the Parc des Princes during the break.

Paris only shot once… and went off target

Symbol of the Parisians’ lack of offensive inspiration in this first half, the only shot went well above Diouf’s cages. The Rémois have meanwhile shot on goal nine times.

It’s half-time at the Parc des Princes! (0-0)

Very complicated first period for PSG, which was turned upside down by Stade de Reims, too imprecise in the last gesture. The MNM did not know how to be dangerous in attack.

45+1′. Agbadou throws himself in front of Neymar

Last opportunity for PSG, but Agbadou intervenes to clear the ball in front of Neymar, a few meters from the surface.

44′. Abdelhamid stops Messi and Neymar

The two Parisian stars try to ignite the Reims defense, but the opposing captain does not let anything pass, and pushes them back twice.

41′. Neymar hit by a foot in the face

Author of a sombrero, the Brazilian disorients his defender, who tries to intervene. His high foot ends up in the face of Neymar, who falls to the ground. Nothing serious, and fault for the PSG.

37′. Diouf is scared

The Reims goalkeeper misses his control and passes very close to the dumpling. He pushes the ball with his toe, just in time so that the Parisian attackers do not take advantage of it.

37′. Reims runs longer than Paris

In total, the Rémois traveled 41 kilometers, against 38 for the Parisians.

35′. Neymar writhes in pain, yellow card for Ito

The Japanese international misses his intervention on Neymar and touches his ankle. Young card for Ito, and more fear than harm for Neymar, who quickly reveals himself after the intervention of trainers.

32′. The Parisians can’t do it in attack

The attacking trio tries to combine. But it is each time repelled by the opposing defense, very compact.

29′. Munetsi tries an acrobatic return

Reims is still on the attack, and Munetsi tries an acrobatic gesture when receiving a cross from the right. It goes one meter to the right of the PSG cage.

28′. Yellow card for Marquinhos

The Parisians claimed a foul on Neymar at the start of the action, but Reims went against. Marquinhos knocks Ito down in midfield to stop the action. Yellow card.

27′. Ruiz gets the corner

Mbappé throws the Spaniard deep into the box. The midfielder crosses low to the ground, but it is pushed back.

24′. Munetsi don’t hesitate… it’s next door

The Rémois continue to try their luck without pressure. This time it’s Munetsi who strikes from outside the area. But it’s not precise, and it flies in six meters.

23′. Ito stumbles on Donnarumma

Reims combines in the area. Ito comes face off against Donnarumma, but the Italian dives well into his feet.

22′. Balogun misses the target

The Rémois are completely uninhibited. Balogun tries a first intention volley on a long ball above the defense. It’s next to.

20′. Mbappé not precise enough

On a recovery in midfield, the MNM tumbles in three against two. Served by Neymar on the left wing, Mbappé tries to hand over to his Brazilian teammate, but is countered.

17′. What a rescue from Donnarumma!

It’s always on fire in the Parisian defense. The ball is deflected at close range by Bernat, but Donnarumma manages a nice reflex save on his line.

15′. Reims still not far

After a great collective action, Ito tries a volley in the area, in a duel with Marquinhos. It misses the Parisian cages.

13′. Paris calms the game

After several dangerous situations in defense, the Parisians put their foot on the ball, and return to the opposing half of the field.

11′. Balogun tries his luck again


The Stade de Reims striker is lonely in the box. He hits first from the left, but it’s easily picked up by Donnaruma.

9′. Balogun dangerous… but offside

Very active, the Reims striker unleashes a nice half-volley shot at the entrance to the area. It came out with a tap from Donnarumma, but Balogun was eventually flagged offside.

8′. Marquinhos solid ahead of Balogun

This is the duel at the start of the match. Marquinhos covers the depth well and intervenes in front of Balogun by clearing away.

6′. Very high pressure on the Reims side

Like their first opportunity, the Rémois continue to press extremely high during Parisian reminders. It came out cleanly, not without risk, by the defense of PSG.

5′. Mbappé’s center slips past the defense

Approaching from the left of the area, Kylian Mbappé rolls up a cross from the right towards the far post. It doesn’t find anyone.

3′. It’s over for Messi

Rapid reaction from the Parisians. Lionel Messi tries a half-volley shot outside the area, but it flies over the Reims cage.

1′. Reims already close to opening the scoring!

What a mistake by Donnarumma! The Italian goalkeeper raises short on Fabian Ruiz, but it is intercepted. The Parisian goalkeeper catches up by diving into the feet of Matusiwa, who misses his control.

1′. Let’s go to the Parc des Princes!

And the ball is in the feet of Paris.


The players enter the pitch

The match will start in a few seconds.


The players are warming up


The composition of Reims

Here is the starting 11 of the Stade de Reims: Diouf – Foket, Agbadou, Abdelhamid, De Smet – Matusiwa, Munetsi – Ito, Cadjus, Flips – Balogun.


Reims in good shape

The Stade de Reims remains on 4 matches without defeat in Ligue 1, including two successes against Rennes and Ajaccio, and is now in 12th place in the standings, a small victory from the top 10.


The Parisian 11, with Messi, Neymar and Mbappé

For the first time since November, before the truce linked to the World Cup in Qatar, Messi, Neymar and Mbappé are aligned together in an official match.

The composition chosen by Christophe Galtier:

Donnarumma – Hakimi, Marquinhos (C), Ramos, Bernat – Vitinha, Fabian, Soler – Messi, Neymar, Mbappe


A nice operation to do in the ranking

By winning against Reims, the capital club could relegate RC Lens to five points, at the top of the Ligue 1 standings. The Sang et Or had to settle for a draw in Troyes yesterday (1- 1). A Parisian success would also allow Christophe Galtier’s men to take a seven-point lead over Olympique de Marseille, who only collected one point against Monaco (1-1).


It’s the start of a marathon for PSG

At least 10 games to play in just 39 days: this is the insane schedule that awaits Paris Saint-Germain, starting with the evening match against Reims. For the MNM, this should be an opportunity to find automatisms, before the shocks to come against OM (February 8 and 26) and Bayern Munich (February 14 and March 8).


Hello everyone !

And welcome to this live to follow the match between PSG and Stade de Reims, on behalf of the 20th day of Ligue 1. Kick-off at 8:45 p.m.!

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