Diesel fuel and unleaded are on the rise and are flirting with 2 euros per liter


Two euros per liter for almost all fuels. According to figures from the Ministry of Energy Transition arrested on Friday and published on Monday, a price increase of between 17 and 27 cents per liter has been observed over the past month. In detail, diesel sold at an average price of 1.9432 euros per liter, or 2.7 cents more than the previous week. You have to pay 17.6 cents more per liter compared to December 30.

Unleaded 95 petrol increased by 3.2 cents in one week, for an average posted price of 1.9334 euros, and SP95-E10 was up by 3.5 cents, sold at a price national average of 1.9103 euro per litre.

Rise in bioethanol

Compared to December, motorists pay more, respectively 25.46 centimes extra per liter for unleaded petrol 95 and 26.8 centimes per liter for SP95-E10. By comparison, bioethanol or E85, the consumption of which broke a new record last year, was displayed on Friday at 1.1154 euros. It is sold at about one in three gas stations.


The price of bioethanol is also subject to an increase linked to the increase in agricultural costs and energy prices, in particular gas, which has been passed on in the supply contracts concluded between ethanol suppliers and distributors. of fuels.

January 1st sounded the death knell of the general rebate financed by the State and which cost 8 billion euros last year. An indemnity of 100 euros replaced it, which the motorists concerned – it is according to their income – can request on the tax site until February 28. The aid is paid in one go, for 2023, for those who use their vehicle to go to work.

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