David Crosby Planning Album, Tour Before Death, Collaborator Says


It’s now been a few days since the world learned that iconic musician David Crosby had died at 81 years old. It would seem that Crosby’s passing was unexpected to those close to him, as he was apparently “practically giddy” about planning a new album and supporting tour, according to collaborator Steve Postell.

Postell told Variety:

“David didn’t think he was gonna last for years, which he joked about all the time, but there was no sense that we weren’t gonna be able to do this show and these tours. We were talking tour buses, and what kind of venues, and the whole team was all back together again — the road manager and tour manager and sound guys — on top of this band we’d put together. There was not even a remote sense that we weren’t about ready to hit the world. And it’s a shame people didn’t get to hear it. This was something else. This was as close to the original thing [sound of Crosby, Stills & Nash] as we were gonna get. It was very powerful.”

He also noted, “[Crosby] seemed practically giddy with all of it. […] He was showing us new songs, like, ‘What do you think of these lyrics?’ He hadn’t lost the fire. I’d like people to know that he was on it. He was writing, playing, singing his ass off and preparing a fantastic show. That’s what he was doing. He was not lying in a bed for two years, out of it. That’s not what happened at all.”

Read more from Postell on Crosby here.


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