Dan Orlovsky Has A Bad Food Take About Tacos


Alright folks it’s time for another blog about Dan Orlovsky and food. In a previous post, we highlighted a take that Orlovsky had about cannoli, a perfect, delicious little morsel created by my people.

And now, Dan Orlovsky, who to be clear seems like a very nice guy, is at it again. In a tweet posted on Friday night, the ESPN studio analyst who occasionally hops into the booth and provides in-game analysis for college football and NFL games gave us a glimpse into his dinner at what I assume is Casa de Dan. It was tacos, which, sure! The catch: Orlovsky threw some cucumbers into them.

What, exactly, are you gaining from this? Maybe a quick pickled cucumber adds a nice, acidic bite to cut through the richness of the beef, but just wantonly throwing some normal cucumbers onto this when you can simply add a little more lettuce and have it achieve basically the same goal is … we’ll say a curious decision. Don’t take my word for it: Two of Orlovsky’s colleagues, Mina Kimes and Marcus Spears, got on him for this, as did former NFL quarterback Joey Harrington.


As for what’s next, my guess is Orlovsky sends a tweet saying he puts ketchup in chicken noodle soup.

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