Crisis at the FFR: the Minister of Sports calls for the resignation of the steering committee


The departure of Bernard Laporte is not enough for the Minister of Sports. During an interview with Midi Olympique, Amélie Oudéa-Castéra was asked to react to the decision of the management committee of the French Rugby Federation to remain in place despite the resignation of Bernard Laporte from the presidency of the FFR. According to AOC, the members of the office should have followed the former president towards the exit. “I think the members of the steering committee know it: the interest of rugby should be enough to make them move, but personal interests also come into play”, judged the former director general of the French Tennis Federation.

While the clubs rejected the candidacy of Patrick Buisson, vice-president under Laporte, for the post of deputy president, the Minister of Sports believes that the members of the steering committee “would be honored to put their mandate back into play, to take into account of the position of the clubs. She also quoted Buisson to support her arguments: “This consultation also aimed to revalidate the governing county. And, revalidated, he was not. »

Oudéa-Castéra refuses to speak of a putsch but regrets that the office activates article 21 of the statutes rather than 15. The latter would have led to a collective resignation and led to elections within six weeks. Article 15 keeps the members in place and postpones the elections six months later. Or the summer before the World Cup in France (September 8-October 28).


“Admit that the timing is not ideal, suggested AOC. And until then I do not see how the steering committee can steer the Federation with all the necessary foundation, with several resigners, no more counter-powers and in the background a consultation of the clubs which has just been negative. »

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