Comics: “The color of things” by Martin Panchaud wins the Fauve d’or at the Angoulême Festival


Martin Panchaud, author of the comic strip “The color of things” (Éditions Scaetla), received this Saturday the Fauve d’or 2023 from the Angoulême Festival rewarding the best comic book album of the past year.

This Genevan by birth signs a story in a very original form, which takes up the codes of the video game and the technical diagram, which had initially been published in German.

“It’s just amazing. I want to say that I can’t believe it (…) It’s my first festival, I’m discovering, I’ve been in a tunnel since I arrived, ”said the author on the stage of the Théâtre d ‘Angouleme.

“It’s a book that was conceived in Geneva ten years ago, which was finished in Zurich, where I live (…) Zurich is a kind of crossroads of comics where many influences mingle “, he said.

He succeeds the Brazilian Marcello Quintanilha (Fauve d’or 2022) and his album “Listen, pretty Marcia” (Here and there), the story of a Rio nurse confronted with a gang, which offers a dive into the daily violence in Brazil. .

Before awarding the prestigious prize, the festival organization awarded the Fauves d’honneur to mangakas Junji Itô (“Spirale” and “Gyo”) and Ryoichi Ikegami (“Crying Freeman”). Hajime Isayama (the author of the world bestseller “Attack on Titans”) received the Fauve “special 50th edition”, an award he described as “cute cat”.

The “Revelation” Prize was awarded to Linnea Sterte for “A Rainette in Autumn” (Editions de la cerf) and that of the Series to Shuzo Oshimi for “Blood Ties” (Kioon).

At the opening of the festival on Wednesday, the designer, screenwriter and filmmaker Riad Sattouf was awarded the Grand Prize of the city of Angoulême, rewarding a comic book author for all of his work. The sixth volume of his autobiographical comic strip “The Arab of the Future” was also part of the official selection.

Léonie Bischoff and Kathleen Karr received the “Fauve jeunesse” award for their book “La longue marche des dindes” (Rue de Sèvres editions).


Bastien Vives controversy

The 50th edition of the high mass of boxes and bubbles took place from Thursday to Sunday, still a little bruised following the Bastien Vivès controversy but able to count on the success of the manga to attract visitors.

After a canceled 2021 edition and a 2022 edition where attendance suffered from the postponement to an unusual date, the Charente city may have reconnected with its nearly 200,000 visitors from the best years.

You had to be patient on Saturday to enter the Manga City marquee, a vast marquee of more than 3,000 m² erected on the edge of the railway tracks. The queue stretched in the morning to a street in the popular district of L’Houmeau.

Same thing near the city center, with a queue that wrapped around the Espace Franquin, for the exhibition of mangaka Junji Ito (Fauve d’honneur), known for his horror drawings.

As for the exhibition devoted to “Attack on Titans”, at the media library near the TGV station, it has been sold out since mid-January, despite an entry ticket. “The exhibition was truly extraordinary. I was really moved and once again thank you so much,” said Hajime Isayama.

Despite this success, The Mecca of comics has not completely succeeded in leaving behind the controversy Bastien Vivès, author of comics targeted by several complaints for “dissemination of child pornography images”.

These complaints had led the organization of the festival to cancel, in mid-December, an exhibition dedicated to him, “In the eyes of Bastien Vivès”, dividing the world of comics.

“There was a legitimate reaction against an attitude that was unacceptable” and “insulting remarks” from this author, reacted Thursday the Minister of Culture Rima Abdul-Malak, at the opening of the festival.

Comics have never done so well in France. According to the GfK institute, it had its second best historical years in 2021 and 2022, and last year exceeded 25% of the book market for the first time.

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