Chet Hanks Reflected Upon His Awkward Viral ‘Ziwe’ Segment


Chet Hanks is preparing to launch his own podcast. His first guest will be his dad, Tom Hanks (obviously), which seems timely on the heels of the Nepo Babies discussion. I hope they broach that subject, but for the moment, Chet discussed that upcoming episode (they “told some stories about me being a dipsh*t when I was younger”) and much more on a new installment of the Tiny Meat Gang podcast.

Hosts Cody Ko and Noel Miller did dive into followup on a 2022 interview that Chet did on Showtime’s Ziwe, in which the former Desus and Mero writer point-blank asked Chet (who has dropped racial slurs in the past and been accused of cultural appropriation) if he wished to “apologize to any marginalized communities.” It was an uncomfortable segment, in which Chet responded, “Nah… “I don’t feel like I’ve truly done anything offensive, so I don’t.”

Chet reflected upon this interview by describing how he and Ziwe attended Northwestern University at the same time, and he had nothing but praise: “Holy sh*t, she’s on billboards and sh*t, she’s got her own show — last time I saw her I was drunk at sh*t at my fraternity — I was probably playing flip cup… all of a sudden she’s got her face on billboards — that’s tight… shoutout to Ziwe.” He also stressed, “[T]hat’s a character she’s playing, the super-sensitive, politically correct person — it’s like satire.”

That part of the discussion happens after the 19:00 mark in the below podcast episode. In addition, Chet offers himself up for a remake of The Bodyguard, and he wants to play the Kevin Costner role opposite Rihanna. You can listen to that portion after the 39:00 mark, and Chet is airing some big dreams: “Tyler Perry, hit me up, dude.”


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