Bruno Le Maire announces “significant cuts” in spending in the state budget in 2024


The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, on the steps of the Elysée Palace on January 23, 2023.

We will scrutinize all public spending. » In an interview given to Sunday newspaper (JDD) and published on Sunday January 29, Bruno Le Maire announces that the 2024 State budget will provide for “significant reductions”.

“At the end of the third quarter of 2022, the French debt reached 113% of our national wealth. With the President and the Prime Minister, we are determined to reduce the debt from 2026, and to bring the public deficit below 3% in 2027”declared the Mayor to the JDD.

“We will comb through all public spending: State, local authorities, social field. This is the subject of the expenditure review that we will be undertaking in the coming days under the authority of the Prime Minister. We are not new to this: we restored public finances in 2018, taking difficult decisions, for example on subsidized jobs. »

The Minister of the Economy figures, moreover, at “60 to 70 billion additional euros per year” the success of the energy transition initiated by France while the country’s public debt has reached just under 3,000 billion euros.

Bruno Le Maire calls on communities and private actors to participate in the financial effort, considering that “the state [pouvait] wear some but not all of it” and that he had to play the role of “private investment lever”. “This is the whole purpose of the bill that I will present in May”said the minister.


At the beginning of January, during his wishes to economic players, the tenant of Bercy had announced that he wanted to make France “the first nation” green industry in Europe, through a future bill accelerating the creation of new industrial sites and encouraging decarbonisation. Asked by the JDD on the objectives of reindustrialization and decarbonization, Mr. Le Maire underlined that there had been “massive investments (…) already committed with France 2030, such as the hydrogen plan, the construction of six new nuclear reactors, electric battery factories, particularly in the North”.

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On Saturday, President Emmanuel Macron admitted, in a video posted on social networks, that France should “double” his “exertion rate” to reduce its carbon emissions if it wanted to reach its targets in 2030.

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