Boy who stabbed Bull Creek good Samaritan found guilty of murder


At her husband’s suggestion, the couple jumped into their car and followed a boy on a bike.

Levskovskaya recalled pulling up next to the boy a few minutes later and asking him, “Is this your bike?”

The boy did not answer, she said, but her husband got out of the car and walked towards him and said, “Let’s talk”.

“He was calm,” she said.

“It was not abrasive. He said it in a calm manner.”

Witnesses saw the teen pull a 7-inch filleting knife from a sheath and make two stabbing motions towards Levkovskiy, one of which caused the fatal injury.


His defence lawyer, Simon Freitag, asked the jury to consider a conviction of manslaughter instead of murder, arguing the teenager struck out at Levkovskiy during a struggle and had intended to stab him in the leg.

While the boy admitted to stabbing the 42-year-old, he denied he intended to kill him.

Levskovskaya told the court in broken English how fast the incident happened

“Everything happened in just a few seconds,” she said.

“When I tell the story it’s like slow motion. It’s very hard. I try my best in my memories.”

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