Blazers Fan’s Halfcourt Shot Barely Got To The Free Throw Line


Every NBA team has some form of a halfcourt shot contest for fans, but the prizes vary significantly from team to team. Lakers fans can win $70,000 for a made halfcourt shot, while the Pacers have the lowest with a $500 prize, and everyone else falls somewhere in between.

In Portland, the prize is a Toyota 4Runner, and a fan had a chance to take that home on Thursday night as the Blazers hosted the Sixers in a game that got away from Portland early, falling behind by 26. Our guy’s effort in the halfcourt competition must’ve been inspired by the first half Blazers, as he put up one of the worst attempts from midcourt you will ever see, as the ball barely got to the paint.

The view from the crowd is even funnier, as it really brings into perspective just how short poor Matt comes up.


I really love the collective gasp from the crowd as they watch the ball flutter to the court, 10 feet shy of the rim, coupled with the “Oh, Matt…” from the in arena host who is trying his best not to be mean in the moment. It was a night to forget for the Blazers, who ended up losing by 10, and this poor fella, who will struggle to live this one down with his friends. It’s also a reminder that guys like Stephen Curry make these shots look way easier than they are — although, this one makes it look harder than it actually is.

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