Big winner of this 30th edition, “La Pietà” opens a new era


Gone are the vampires, ghouls, serial killers and other horrifying pantheon creatures. It’s an authoritarian mother who beat them to the pawn with The Pieta by Eduardo Casanova, winner of the Gérardmer Festival. This tale between poem with very dark humor and experimental cinema received the Grand Prize from the jury chaired by Michel Hazavanicius and Bérénice Bejo, but also that of the Public and the young jury.

This original and colorful fable revolves around the toxic relationship between a young man and his overly possessive mother, whom he likens to a North Korean dictator. With its very colorful aesthetic mixing influences reminiscent of a cocktail of telenovela and communist propaganda, this co-production between Argentina and Spain sponsored by Alex de la Iglesia won over the jurors with its originality. If its release date is not yet scheduled for France, it will not be long thanks to these distinctions.

Radical films on the menu

Differently radical, The mountain by Thomas Salvador won the Critics’ Prize and shared that of the jury with paw by Ann Oren. In this first film, in theaters this Wednesday, a man indulges in a fascinating introspection on his life in a wild landscape before being carried away by magic. In the second, a sound engineer sees a ponytail growing on her body as she begins a sensual relationship with a botanist. Here again, we are moving towards experimental cinema and contemporary art which had the wind in its sails this year in the Vosges.


Alone The Watcher by Chloé Okuno, winner of the 30th Festival, was closer to a classic narration by confronting its heroine with a disturbing neighbour. Among our other favorites, we can also mention The Elderly by Raúl Cerezo and Fernando González Gómez, unfortunately presented out of competition, about elderly people driven mad by a heat wave. Also, a book The Slasher of which you are the hero by Alexandre Sanchez illustrated by Xavier Desbarats, published by Omaké Books, which allows you to escape a killer or even embody him in an immersive adventure. A good way to reconnect with a more classic cinema, which we hope to find more represented next year.

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