Belgium. Three injured in a knife attack in the European district of Brussels


Three people were injured in a knife attack late Monday afternoon in a Brussels metro station. According to the federal police, one of the injured is “in critical condition”.

“Knife attack in the Schuman station: collaboration with the various police services (…) allowed the rapid arrest of the author”, tweeted the mayor of Brussels Philippe Close. The police did not comment on the motives of the assailant. The federal prosecutor’s office indicated that it had not been seized “at this stage”. According to a source familiar with the matter, the person arrested “was already known for a psychiatric history”.

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Close to European authorities

The attack occurred around 6 p.m. in the Schuman metro station, located a few dozen meters from the headquarters of the European Commission and the European Council. According to an AFP journalist present at the scene, several plainclothes police then rushed to a station platform. At the same time, a woman urged passengers entering the station to turn back, reporting the presence inside of a person armed with a knife.

Traffic remained interrupted in the early evening on part of the two metro lines passing through Schuman station, the police continuing their investigation on the spot, according to the Brussels transport operator (Stib).

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