Ava Max’s ‘Diamonds & Dancefloors’: Album Release Info


Ava Max is steadily gearing up for her sophomore studio album, Diamonds & Dancefloors, which has kept fans hyped with its plethora of shimmery singles. Plus, Max appeared at CNN’s New Year’s Eve party to play a few tracks — showing that she’s serious about becoming one of the most anticipated pop stars.

“I had to figure out who I was again because I let someone else define me for the past year,” she told Rollacoaster Magazine. “It’s been a journey for sure. I’m stronger than ever now, I look back and realize it was all a good thing.”

Release Date

Diamonds & Dancefloors is out 1/27 via Atlantic.


1. “Million Dollar Baby”
2. “Sleepwalker”
3. “Maybe You’re The Problem”
4. “Ghost”
5. “Hold Up (Wait A Minute)”
6. “Weapons”
7. “Diamonds & Dancefloors”
8. “In The Dark”
9. “Turn Off The Lights”
10. “One Of Us”
11. “Get Outta My Heart”
12. “Cold As Ice”
13. “Last Night On Earth”
14. “Dancing’s Done”


As of now, there are no confirmed features on Ava Max’s new album.



The original artwork was changed from an up-close shot of Max with a diamond in her mouth, on the left, to one that is a bird’s eye shot with bluer diamonds. The current cover art of Diamonds & Dancefloors is pictured on the right.


Ava Max has released a handful of singles from Diamonds & Dancefloors so far. The lead, “Maybe You’re The Problem,” dropped in April of last year. Since then, Max’s other singles include “Million Dollar Baby,” “Weapons,” “Dancing’s Done,” and “One Of Us.” According to her fandom wiki, she also plans to release “Cold As Ice” as a promotional single on January 23.

Ava Max is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.

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