Aubrey Plaza’s ‘SNL’ Monologue Interrupted By Joe Biden


Who’s the most famous resident of the thrilling state of Delaware? Some may say it’s the guy currently sitting in the Oval Office. Others might say it’s Aubrey Plaza, one of the standouts on the most recent season of The White Lotus and the star of last year’s Emily the Criminal. Whatever the case, only one of them hosted the most recent episode of SNL. But at least the sitting U.S. president took a minute or two out of his busy schedule to record a brief interruption.

During her opening monologue, Plaza spent most of her time delving into her past, namely her time in college when she was a page at 30 Rockefeller Center, where SNL is shot. She was awful at her job, she freely admitted, showing up an hour late, sometimes hungover and forbidden from taking calls because she just happened to be rude to strangers.

But look at her now! She’s a popular and acclaimed actress who had a great 2022. She’s doing so well for herself that she claimed she was “actually voted the most famous person” from the Blue Hen State. (She didn’t cite which poll bestowed upon her that honor, nor did she mention that the 46th president was actually born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and only moved to Delaware when he was 10.) Plaza claimed Biden “was pissed, he was livid” when he heard the news. He was so furious that he recorded a pre-taped video addressing the upset.

“Aubrey, you’re the most famous person out of Delaware and there’s no question about that,” Biden said in the video. “We’re just grateful you made it out of White Lotus alive.”


You can watch Plaza’s monologue — and Biden’s interruption — in the video above.

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