Aubrey Plaza Is ‘M3GAN’ On ‘SNL’ (& Allison Williams Joins)


“M3GAN, you messy ho, I’m obsessed with you…. oh my god, are you from the show Girls?”

SNL didn’t waste an opportunity once news of M3GAN 2.0 arrived. Host Aubrey Plaza picks up the role of the sequel bot who’s ready to replace Chloe Fineman as the original, and of course, this skit wouldn’t be complete without Bowen Yang’s intentionally messy reactions. Plaza almost seems too convincing as a homicidal doll (she has experience dealing with them after starring in a Child’s Play reboot), but then again, she delivered ominous vibes in The White Lotus and also spoofed that show this week on SNL.

M3GAN gets another upgrade here, given that this framing of the sequel largely takes place in a gay bar, where everyone adores M3GAN. Naturally, Allison Williams is welcomed while warning everyone away from the evil doll, and SNL does not miss. They seized the opportunity to welcome Allison to the party because she “had her butt eaten.” And as Allison recently mentioned, yes, she does hear about that scene a lot. That’s very funny but also unfair to that scene’s, uh, giver, which would be The Bear‘s Ebon Moss-Bachrach, who really should hear about these things, too. Not enough people ask him about that scene. Maybe he’ll do it again in The Bear Season 2. (Please.)


Alright, so we’ve established that Allison Williams is very gracious for enduring these butt jokes, years after that scene. Further, Aubrey makes a terrifying but stylish M3GAN. SNL has done a fine job casting for the James Wan/Jason Blumhouse sequel. A+ work.

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