at least 25 dead and 38,000 displaced after the passage of the Cheneso storm


A flooded street in Antananarivo, January 28, 2023.

Twenty-five people were killed, 21 missing and some 38,000 others displaced after a tropical storm hit the northeast of the country last week, the Office of Risk and Disaster Management said. Sunday, January 29 in its latest report. The latest report, dated Friday, reported 22 dead.

The government body also indicates that 83,181 people were affected in total by these bad weather that hit this island in the Indian Ocean.

The January 19 storm, dubbed Cheneso, caused flooding and a cut in roads leading to the capital, Antananarivo. It had even temporarily transformed into a tropical cyclone with winds of 118 to 166 kilometers per hour, before decreasing in intensity.

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In southern Africa, the hurricane season extends from November to April, and Madagascar regularly suffers devastating consequences.

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