AS Monaco LIVE: The Marseillais push to snatch victory… Follow the match with us…


76th : Kolasinac concedes the corner in front of Martins, fortunately he was there because he was very alone in defense as he pointed out to his teammates.

72nd: Very good recovery from Rongier who can launch Tavares, the piston shifts Sanchez who sees his center diverted with the tip of his foot by a defender. And behind Gigot touches the crossbar on the corner.

70th : I’m not telling you about the recital that Sanchez is doing tonight…

69th : Oh no Tavares gets a hole on his volley while Malinovskyi had dropped a cake on him. The Portuguese had however warmed up well …

68th : More than 64,500 spectators are present this Saturday evening at the Vélodrome stadium!

67th : And double change in Monaco, exit of Diatta for Jakobs, and of Ben Seghir for Martins.

66th : Yellow card for Veretout who intervenes too late on a counterattack by Ben Seghir, again him.

64th : It’s Ben Seghir’s turn to stay on the ground after contact with Rongier, there was a fault.

62nd : The feverishness seems to have changed sides, the Monegasque defenders are having the greatest difficulty in getting free.

60th: Again Tavares, decidedly unstoppable, after a nice one two at the entrance to the surface. Corner.

58th : Tavares multiplies the strikes from the right side but it lacks precision each time. Make the pass minot!

57th : Tavares took the right lane, Kolasinac the left, from the entry of Balerdi in central defense. And Under is in support of Sanchez, alongside Malinovskyi.

56th : Tavares tries his luck from afar when there were a lot of people in the area, but the Marseillais now recover the ball much higher!

54th : Yellow card for Diatta for a late foul on Balerdi.

52nd : Sanchez is also very impressive in his catches of balls and his directed controls!

52nd : Leg remains on the ground after a huge defensive tackle.

49th : The Marseillais returned from the locker room with completely different intentions, like this combination between Sanchez and Under, but the defense comes to counter his strike at the last moment.

47th : ALL of the Vélodrome stadium celebrates this goal, with “who doesn’t jump isn’t Marseille”, side stands included

46th: The equalization of Olympique de Marseille as soon as they return from the locker room!

Tavares, replaced on the right, tried his luck. Nubel is forced to push back, and who is it? Alexis Sanchez, of course, to push the ball deep!

10:02 p.m. : Changes at OM and Monaco, exit of Ben Yedder for Embolo and Guendouzi for Balerdi!

45+1: It’s half-time at the Stade Vélodrome!

45th : One minute of additional time!

43rd : Malinovskyi still hesitates to shoot before being countered, and the volley of Tavares flies away

42nd: This resumption of Diatta after the clearance of the OM defense from a corner. His shot is as pure as it is clear, and it doesn’t go far from Blanco’s top corner!

41st : There is nothing that goes on the attack for the OM players, and they are countered very quickly!

39th : The Ukrainian is completely messed up on his center, a difficult match for him, as for the Marseille attack in general.

38th : Malinovskyi a little too hesitant in his shots, he must not hesitate to shoot!

36th : Good combination of Gigot and Mbemba, yes yes the two defenders, on the right side of the Marseille attack but the cross of the latter ends up directly in the gloves of Nubel.

33rd : The Rock players are perfectly in place to hinder Marseille’s attacking game. As a result, they lose the ball too quickly and too often, without finding the solution.

29th : Under’s left strike, his special! But it’s still too shy…

28th: ​​Incredible how the Marseillais get into trouble on their own!

This time it’s Sanchez who misses his delivery and Ben Yedder recovers the ball, fortunately Blanco comes out quickly but they will take one if it continues!

27th: Pfiou, OM very close to the correctional, still on the counterattack!

Diatta wraps his ball from the left and forces Blanco to relax to deflect it with his fingertips!

26th : Tudor players settle in the opposing camp but they have trouble finding the solution

23rd : Golovin hurts thanks to his catch of the balls, the Monegasques have played their shot perfectly since the start of the meeting

21st : So many mistakes in the Marseille defense, it’s quite incomprehensible after the mastery displayed in recent games.

19th : This Veretout CSC is like the start of the Marseille match, much more hesitant than usual!

16th: Own goal by Jordan Veretout!

It all starts with a blow from France on the left side, he is fired in and the Marseille midfielder touches the ball with his skull, it’s enough to deceive Blanco.

14th : Cross shot from Ben Yedder, but the attacker does not apply enough and it is too crossed. But the Marseille defense too often puts itself in danger, and all alone!

14th : It’s quite messy in the defense of OM in the construction of the game, but each error is made up for by a teammate.

11th : Big physical impact from Mbemba after a bad pass from Gigot!

10th : Long shot from Veretout after a combination on a corner, but it goes straight into the south turn.

9th : The bends of the Vélodrome for this match between OM and Monaco:

8th : We feel the Marseillais a little more hesitant than usual, especially at the relaunch.

7th : Big sole from Ben Seghir on Mbemba who was trying to clear his camp.

5th: OM respond with a heavy strike from Malinovskyi, but Alexandre Nubel captures the ball directly!

4th: The Monegasques go very quickly on the counterattack after getting rid of the pressing, on this one De Oliveira is a little too short to push the ball deep!

3rd: AS Monaco’s first strike after a solitary raid by Ben Yedder, luckily Blanco has a firm hand, it’s off to a strong start!

2nd : The Monegasques have possession, they try to rotate to destabilize the defense!

2nd : Big pressing of the Marseillais, as usual…

1st : Tudor goes himself to look for a new ball, the first one is already burst!

1st: Let’s go, the Monegasques kick off this match!

8:57 p.m. : Come on, the players are entering the lawn of the Vélodrome stadium!

8:54 p.m. : Already a “Aux Armes” sung in the bends!

8:50 p.m. : The Vélodrome stadium is still sold out this Saturday evening, for the 13th consecutive time I believe!

8:45 p.m .: Big pressure on the Marseillais after the defeat of Rennes in Lorient, and the draw of Lens in Troyes. They can take second place in Ligue 1 on their own and put Rennes at 8 points!

8:41 p.m. : And that of Monaco, note the tenure of Ben Yedder!

8:39 p.m. : I give you the composition of OM, with Ruben Blanco in goal because of the injury of Pau Lopez. Above all, Alexis Sanchez must not be injured after the departure of Bamba Dieng in Lorient!

8:37 p.m. : Well, the first news of the day is obviously the agreement in principle between OM and Angers for Ounahi. Read more info right here:

8:34 p.m .: Hello guys, that’s it, I’m in the press box at the Vélodrome stadium, and I might as well tell you that it’s freezing!

10am : Hello friends and welcome to 20 Minutes to follow this clash at the top of the Ligue 1 table between OM and AS Monaco. The Marseillais want to continue their march forward with a possible seventh victory in a row in the league, but Igor Tudor has warned, the Monegasques are “an opponent of the same level”. We all remember this rebounding first leg match, finally won 3 goals to 2 by OM, which had launched the start of this victorious series for the Marseillais. We hope to experience the same show this Saturday evening.

» See you around 8:30 p.m. to discover the team compositions, before the kick-off scheduled for 9 p.m.


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