Alex Murdaugh Said “I Did Him So Bad,” SLED Agent Says


Harpootlian also asked why Worley had not tried to analyze a possible shoe print on Maggie’s calf, but Worley said only one photo was taken of the mark and she wasn’t made aware of it for weeks.

“The defense shows us dirt on the back of Maggie’s leg, do we even know if that’s a shoe print?” prosecutor Savanna Goude asked.

“No,” Worley responded.

Under cross-examination, Worley also said it did not appear that Alex was wearing freshly laundered clothes when investigators arrived on scene, as prosecutors briefly suggested on Friday, when they noted he had no visible blood on him despite claiming to have tried to check Maggie and Paul for signs of life. Worley noted that there were some dirt marks on the clothes and they were not completely clean.

When Croft took the stand, he testified about interviewing Paul’s friend Rogan Gibson the day after the killings and described how Gibson had shared his phone with Croft so the agent could document communications between the young men.

The phone showed that Paul had made a call at 8:44 pm to Gibson, whose dog was at the kennels on the Murdaughs’ property. Five minutes later, Gibson had texted Paul about the dog, but he never received a response to that or subsequent calls or messages.


In the June 10, 2021 interview, Alex told the SLED agents that he had not seen Maggie or Paul after dining with them and prior to driving to his mother’s house. He said he had stayed inside and briefly napped while watching television and using his phone, while Maggie and Paul went down to the dog kennels. Alex had made a similar statement in the hours immediately after the killings.

But prosecutors said last week that they have evidence from a video of the kennels that Paul sent to a friend prior to his death that captured both Maggie and Alex’s voices in the background.

Croft also described how investigators later recovered Maggie’s cellphone on the side of a road about a quarter mile from the Murdaugh lodge.

Alex had told Croft in their interview that he and Maggie had a “wonderful” marriage and there were no serious issues between them.

“She was a wonderful girl, a wonderful wife, a great mother,” Alex said through sobs.


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